Work principles

Work principles will help you keep raising the bar. Set your expectation and create a productive and goal oriented work-life. If you have workplace principles already in place to guide you; great! If not, there is no reason you can’t create your own. Not everyone is going to value the same things, but some principles are relatively standard, like teamwork and leadership.

Before you start to create your work principles, give it thought. It’s easy to make up principles that sound impressive, but if you don’t own what you’re writing down, it’s a waste of time and you’ll miss the benefit of them, which is not what you want.

When you have a list of principles to access, it serves as a guide of conduct that will remind you of how you want to work; ultimately it will become a natural way of thinking that will translate to high-level outcomes on a regular basis.

1.  Teamwork


Eliminate “That’s not my job.” No person is too big and no task is too small.

2.  Pursue with Purpose

Pursue with Purpose

Don’t do busy work that doesn’t yield results, in the end, the result is nothing.

3. Leaders Lead

Leaders unite, lead by example, share information, and are fearless in their pursuit to make those around them great.

4. Be Happy


You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Make a decision to live in joy, it’s contagious.

 5. Stay the Course

Hiring Agency

Your energy flows where your attention goes. Focus on nothing that contradicts the result you want.

 6. Sharpen your Aim

Continually work on mastering your skills. Preparation is half the battle won.

 7.  Keep Growing

Career Growth
Plant your seed in good soil and watch it grow.

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