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Ways to Catch the Eye or Ear of a Recruiter

SEO Your Online Presence Recruiters can’t notice you if you’re not online. Once you’re online, you need to speak the same language. Social media is the primary tool recruiters use to search and attract potential candidates, primarily LinkedIn. When a recruiter goes online they filter searches through specific keywords; do a google search for which […]

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Contract worker

9 Reasons to Hire Contingent Workers

Contingent workers play a significant role in many companies, and any size company can benefit from using the option to staff temporary positions. Professionals working contingency can fill the bill for corporations that have large projects, businesses with seasonal workflows, and startups with a lean budget. The great thing about this form of service is […]

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Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

I’m fortunate to work for a company with a wonderfully diverse team. Unfortunately, many businesses can’t say the same about their company. To be fair, a majority of hiring managers are not deliberate in their lack of attention regarding diversity. They are not meticulously making sure each category is checked off to reflect a balanced […]

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HC TechDay Los Angeles

TECHDAY Los Angeles

Our team had a great time at this year’s TechDay LA. It was HIRECLOUT’s 2nd year exhibiting and we were thrilled to see so many amazing startups and stellar tech talent at this year’s tradeshow. We are are already anticipating 2018! We had plenty of talented tech professionals come to visit our booth! Our team […]

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Employer Onboarding is Critical

An employee onboarding process can have a significant impact on the success of a new employee, especially when properly executed. The first day of work is similar to a first date (impressions matter) and assessments are in play, not just on the side of the employer. Having a formal onboarding process sets the tone for […]

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