Counteroffer decision

3 Reasons to Accept the Counteroffer, 10 Reasons Not To

It might be tempting to accept a counteroffer, but — there’s a reason (maybe more) you were looking for opportunities outside of your current place of employment. Take your time, don’t lose sight of why you were ready to move on in the first place? Try to be as objective as possible, the question you […]

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younginexperienced professional and experience older worker

Experienced vs Inexperienced, Who Should You Hire?

Experienced vs. inexperienced, which one should you hire? It’s a dilemma that frequently arises when positions become available. There’s a gamut of things to consider; budgets are usually high on the list of considerations. When there is the luxury of time, then hiring a junior person may not be such an issue. But think about […]

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Raising the Bar in Working Prinicples

Work Principles to Live By

Work principles will help you keep raising the bar. Set your expectation and create a productive and goal oriented work-life. If you have workplace principles already in place to guide you; great! If not, there is no reason you can’t create your own. Not everyone is going to value the same things, but some principles […]

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Young lady at work

How to Succeed the First Day Of Work

It’s your first day of work, and you want to stand out in the right way; oozing confidence and ready to command the day. Here are 7 suggestions to get to the most out of your first day. Rest up Get a good night of sleep. There’s no way you can have a stellar first […]

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Recruiters looking for candidate

Ways to Catch the Eye or Ear of a Recruiter

SEO Your Online Presence Recruiters can’t notice you if you’re not online. Once you’re online, you need to speak the same language. Social media is the primary tool recruiters use to search and attract potential candidates, primarily LinkedIn. When a recruiter goes online they filter searches through specific keywords; do a google search for which […]

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