Internal Branding

6 Clues Your Internal Branding is Working

Successful company branding requires an inside-out strategy Working from the inside out is a perfect way to describe how a company builds a strong brand. Staff involvement is crucial to company branding. Fortifying internal branding can create brand equity, and it can potentially aid in the creation of new business. Another positive outcome will be […]

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Millennials at work talking

Want to Motivate A Millennial Engineer? Think Like One

Initially, when I started to write this blog post it was going to be about how to motivate millennial engineers, after all, I work for a tech recruiting firm. However, what I discovered is that millennials, no matter what their career path, have similar work needs. Converse to what many people think, millennials don’t require […]

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Counteroffer decision

3 Reasons to Accept the Counteroffer, 10 Reasons Not To

It might be tempting to accept a counteroffer, but — there’s a reason (maybe more) you were looking for opportunities outside of your current place of employment. Take your time, don’t lose sight of why you were ready to move on in the first place? Try to be as objective as possible, the question you […]

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younginexperienced professional and experience older worker

Experienced vs Inexperienced, Who Should You Hire?

Experienced vs. inexperienced, which one should you hire? It’s a dilemma that frequently arises when positions become available. There’s a gamut of things to consider; budgets are usually high on the list of considerations. When there is the luxury of time, then hiring a junior person may not be such an issue. But think about […]

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7 Work Principles to Live By

Work principles will help you keep raising the bar. Set your expectation and create a productive and goal oriented work-life. If you have workplace principles already in place to guide you; great! If not, there is no reason you can’t create your own. Not everyone is going to value the same things, but some principles […]

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