Need a Recruiter in Los Angeles?

Leadership: Founders Avetis Antaplyan and Jeffrey Mitchell and their experienced team of Los Angeles Tech Recruiters

The Los Angeles office is led by Founders Avetis Antaplyan and Jeffrey Mitchell. These two have a combined 50 years of Recruiting experience and have built Tech, IT and Product teams at over 200 Los Angeles companies with high impact CTOs, VPs, Directors, Architects and hundreds of Engineers. Very few people know the LA tech scene better than these two.

The Los Angeles Job Market

Los Angeles has one of the nation’s single strongest economies boasting a 2.4% unemployment rate, which is nearly zero in tech. This means finding great tech talent is no easy feat. Posting a job and hoping the right person applies is simply not enough. Companies in need of qualified candidates are in a position to compete for employees through means such as; offering referral bonuses, attending networking events, tapping into their connections, hiring a team of internal Recruiters, etc. Every effort helps, but to get a candidate for your tech company who not only has the knowledge and skills needed, but is also a cultural fit within your organization, you’ll need to work with an expert. Count on us to help Contact HIRECLOUT today. HIRECLOUT has an employee retention rate that is 43% higher than the industry average.

The most in-demand tech positions in LA are;

Software Engineer
Data Engineer
Product Manager
Director of Engineering