What kinds of jobs does HIRECLOUT hire for?

HIRECLOUT finds top tier talent for a variety of roles, chiefly for professionals with technical backgrounds and computer-based skills.

Roles like these include:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Front End Developer
  • UI Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Engineer
  • iOS Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • VP of Engineering
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • DevOps Engineer
  • CloudOps
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • DBA
  • Data Architect
  • Database Developer
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Gaming Engineer

…and more!

To learn more about the types of positions available, click here for posted jobs or contact a HIRECLOUT recruiter today!

What kinds of markets does HIRECLOUT serve?

We help find amazing tech talent for an array of industries including robotics, gaming, fitness, healthcare, financial services, retail & eCommerce, hospitality, telecommunications, entertainment, adtech, legal, and many more. The first paragraph of any posted job description will usually give some insight into what industry the company is in.

How is HIRECLOUT different from other tech recruiting companies?

Here at HIRECLOUT, we take pride in the personal approach we use to connect candidates with their dream careers. The job hunting process is a tough one, but we make it easier by taking interest in the opportunities that you are truly interested in instead of sending your resume to jobs that might not be the best fit. Finally, we provide ongoing support and advice for as long as you need it.

What does working with HIRECLOUT cost for me?

There is no cost as a job seeker to work with HIRECLOUT. Employer pay us to indentify and place the best tech professionals in the world.

If I don’t live in California, can I still work with HIRECLOUT?

HIRECLOUT has expanded into Seattle, Austin, Salt Lake and is moving into other markets. We now also offer many remote positions across th United States.  To learn more about the types of positions currently available, click here for posted jobs or contact a HIRECLOUT recruiter today.

How will HIRECLOUT find a position that’s right for me?

Working with a HIRECLOUT recruiter means that you’ll personally connect with one of our recruiters to talk about the kind of career you’re looking for. When you send us your resume, a HIRECLOUT recruiter will contact you to first speak about the types of opportunities that you are interested in. From there, we will work with you to determine your ideal work situation, compensation, as well as your location preference. Finally, we will determine which opportunities to submit your resume, but we will only send your resume with your permission.


How do I submit my resume?

There are a variety of ways to get your resume in front of a HIRECLOUT recruiter. You can apply to any of the HC Jobs on our Jobs Page, apply through one of our third-party ads on LinkedInIndeed, or Glassdoor, or, finally, contact one of our recruiters directly at

What happens after I submit my resume?

If a recruiter reaches out to you, they will review your resume and pass it on to the client Client Success Manager for a second review. If you apply online, the account manager will review your resume personally. In both cases, if your experience and skills align with the available position(s), a recruiter will contact you with more information about the position.

If a HIRECLOUT recruiter reaches out to me online and asks me to call them back, what can I expect to talk to them about?

Once a HIRECLOUT recruiter contacts you, they will ask about your past and current experience, salary needs, and desired commute time. Also, your recruiter will want to know if you are considering any job offers, and how far along you are in your job search.

Should I let HIRECLOUT know if I’m interviewing for other jobs or have other job offers?

Absolutely. We can give you professional guidance and insight into the other companies you’re exploring opportunities with based on the experiences of people in our network.


Does HIRECLOUT work with candidates that have work visas and need sponsorship?

YES. HIRECLOUT works with many companies who can potentially work with work visas such as existing H1Bs, OPTs, TN1 Visas.

What happens after I accept an interview request?

Your HIRECLOUT recruiter will start preparing you for the upcoming interview by giving you a deeper insight of the position’s responsibilities and what the company is looking for in a great candidate. Your recruiter will also coordinate your schedule with the company, find out parking lot information, instructions for when you’re on-site, and more.

How soon can I expect feedback after an interview?

You should always expect that your HIRECLOUT recruiter will provide you with feedback after your interview as soon as its available. We’re committed to getting this very important information to you.

How long is the average interview process?

There’s no standard time set for the interview process. Interview time frames vary company to company. Your HIRECLOUT recruiter will have all the information regarding the interview process of the company you will be interviewing with.

If I get a job offer, how soon can I start working?

Every job is different. Every start date depends on many factors including the company’s process and the urgency of the role. However, if you’re interested in starting as soon as possible your HIRECLOUT recruiter will always find this out for you.