Stella Kailahi

    Recruiting Associate


    Steve Nini

    Technical Recruiter & Client Success Manager


    Krissa Berkley

    Lead Technical Recruiter & Client Success Manager


    Avetis Antaplyan

    Founder & CEO


    Sangeeta Songu

    Recruiting Associate

    Diversity and Inclusion

    We are committed to helping our clients develop a more diverse workforce. By doing so we are adding value to not only our clients but our communities.

    Diversity goes beyond the obvious distinctions between individuals. Diversity is the addition of and respect for multiple perspectives.

    As an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, we believe in the advantage of diversity in the workplace. Therefore, we strive to advance diversity practices within our company as well as in our recruitment practices. We take special care to ensure procedures have reduced biases related to candidates and that they are hired based on their outstanding job performance.

    Three major benefits of embracing diversity in the workplace include:

    · Diverse teams boost creativity and innovation

    · Diversity creates greater opportunities for professional growth

    · Diverse groups can pull from a wider range of experiences which leads to smarter decision making

    One of our company missions is to help our clients establish diverse teams and achieve greater inclusivity.  We are also passionate about partnering with our candidates to find them opportunities where their unique perspective is appreciated, valued, and where they will be given what they need to succeed.