Avetis Antaplyan, CEO

    Avetis Antaplyan

    Founder & CEO

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    Brenda Elle, Psy.D.

    Operations Manager

    Melanie Fisher Screen Grab

    Melanie Fisher, MBA

    Director Client Services & Sales Operations

    Laura Johnson Website Headshot Square

    Laura Johnson

    Lead Technical Recruiter & Client Success Manager

    PJ Kitchen 4 to 5 ratio

    PJ Kitchen

    Manager of Technology Consulting Solutions

    Mariana Pitanga

    Mariana Pitanga

    Recruiting & Business Development Associate

    Diverse Talents, Inclusive Wins!

    Elevate your company by tapping into our knack for providing outstanding candidates who not only bring essential skills but also actively contribute to diversifying the tech field.

    This means not just filling positions but taking a crucial step towards creating a more representative and dynamic future for the industry.