“How to Stay Motivated at Work?” – 10 Best Examples

Have you ever felt unexcited about the work you are doing? Of course, you have! Just like everyone else, you have tasks you enjoy. Unfortunately, there are also the ones you don’t find exciting enough- but you still have to complete them! You may sit and stare at the computer screen without being able to type or create anything. Sometimes searching for inspirational quotes for work and reading them out helps to stay motivated at work. But what if they don’t help? 

No need to worry! We have practical solutions for digging up that lost motivation and helping you complete those stubborn tasks with a sense of passion! Below you can find ten best examples of how to stay motivated at work.

How to stay motivated at work?

1. Stop thinking it’s a hard work

The easiest way to make yourself do the hard work is to stop thinking it’s hard work. Focus on the task instead of thinking about how frustrating or boring it can be. 

View your project as a small piece of a puzzle that helps you go through your career path. After that, you’ll have the energy to complete your task.

2. Reward each of your accomplishments 

Don’t know how to stay motivated? Come up with rewards that can motivate you. For instance, after reading the first part of the document, you are allowed to drink a cup of fresh coffee. Or as soon as you promote a product successfully, you can finally buy the fancy dress you liked.

This tip will work perfectly not only for yourself but also for colleagues who lack motivation.

You can choose various incentives for accomplishing your tasks but try to avoid perverse incentives. One of such incentives is when you reward yourself for the speed of completed tasks. Imagine if an accountant rewards herself for completing her auditing projects quickly, which may lead to various mistakes.

Another trap is choosing incentives that undermine your goal. For instance, if you aim to lose weight, rewarding yourself with a pizza or cake is not the best idea. Accordingly, choosing your incentives wisely is one of the most crucial things you can do to succeed in your path.

3. Don’t work out of context

Tips to stay motivated at work

Remember how much effort it took for you to be where you are now. Considering your current task as a small part of your journey to your dream job will help you crush it! If you complete all your tasks successfully, you’ll be closer to your dream job.

4. Don’t think about stuff that doesn’t matter

Try not to focus your energy on things that are not important. Write down what you have to do that day and have a closer look at all your activities. Do you care about all of them? Get rid of as many of those unimportant activities as possible. 

That will allow you to focus your mental energy on the things that matter. As a result, you’ll find more motivation for work and enjoy what you’re doing.


5. Use magic words

Thanking to stay motivated at work

“Thank you” can be more powerful than you think it is! Whether you helped or did a nice job, hearing someone say, “Hey, you’re doing a good job, thank you,” could be motivating. You’ll feel appreciated. As a result, you’ll aim to do even more than expected.

Never forget to show your gratitude, too. Your “thank you” may help someone else to get rid of demotivated situations.

6. Don’t be afraid of criticism 

Criticism is the key to success! When you work on a task, you mostly think about delivering it on time or without mistake. But after delivering the task, you start thinking about the process and what could go better next time.

On your way to success, you can be criticized or praised, but you should never let criticism bring you down. Criticism can be seen as another motivation for work. It can come from your boss or mentor, your colleagues or family members. You should never see it as something negative as it is an opportunity for you to become a better you and to learn something new. 

At some point in your life, you may also work with people who make you feel insecure. That means you are working with colleagues who are more skillful than you. They will push you and become the new motivation for work. What’s the point in working at an office where you feel secure? That means you’re not improving your skills or pushing yourself.

7. Have a positive attitude at work

Positive emotions bring a positive outcome. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, fake it until you make it. When you work as a part of a team, adopt the let’s-make-this-happen attitude to encourage everyone around you and yourself. As a result, you and your colleagues will stay energized and able to face all the challenges at work.

8. Start immediately

Work starting

We know the start is always the most difficult part. To get motivated to begin doing something, stop worrying and just start doing it without any hesitations. Although this sounds a little bit weird, it works! You may spend too much time on other thoughts. For instance, you may not start working on the task because you are afraid you’ll fail. Suppress all these kinds of thoughts and keep your mind blank. 

9. Read daily

While this may not be the best option for everyone, reading motivational quotes for work can inspire you to start and complete your tasks. Early mornings or late nights are the best periods for daily reading. Reading motivational quotes or stories will affect your thought processes, inspiring you in all spheres of your life!

10. Don’t stay in your comfort zone

The main reason for your demotivation may be the feeling of underutilization. Trying new things and having new challenges at work will help you break out of your funk. If you’re not sure about the step, you’re going to make, make it, anyway! Sometimes it serves as a sign that something awesome is going to happen to you.