Software Developers – Always in Demand

Who Are Software Developers And What Do They Do?

Software Developers are in demand.  However, the average non-techie person is a little uncertain about what a software developer actually does.  One common thought that might come to mind is computer geek, but beyond that what else? Let’s unravel some of the mystery surrounding the whole tech field in general.

To help bring some clarity (in layman terms) Software developers are the brains behind a full range of our daily conveniences.

Think of every appliance, computer, electronic device, operating system and business application you’ve used: a software developer had a hand in it. Guess who gets the credit for our ringtone apps, smartphone, and computer games? Yup – software developers. In a nutshell, developers bring product ideas into reality.

From a business prospective software developers, research, design, write code, test, and deploy the final product. They help companies achieve a specific objective by reviewing the business process in its totality and develop software that delivers the desired solution.

Who’s Looking for Developers

Hiring a software developer is not always an easy task. The demand is outweighing the supply of talent, and many Software developers have their sights set on working for powerhouse companies like Google, Facebook and the likes.

There is a wide range of industries in need of Software developers. Finance, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, and other sectors are pushing technology-focused strategies that require tech talent. There is a challenge to bring the needed software developers on board because they are competing against the tech industry elites, for the same talent. The unconventional tech hubs are being overlooked or passed on altogether.

The Bottom Line

There are a plethora of employment opportunities for software developers. One industry question is this:  Is there a shortage of developers or a shortage of good developers?  Questions aside, companies looking to hire and there is money to be made. According to the United States Department of Labor, the median annual wage for 2015 was $100,690.