Why Do Software Engineers Change Jobs?

What are the 5 Reasons Why Software Engineers Change Their Jobs?

Programmer career change

In general, changing jobs is often viewed as a new step in a career as it is a sign that you want to expand your opportunities. However, if you change jobs frequently it might be a red flag for some employers. For those in tech changing jobs isn’t always a bad sign due to the rapidly changing landscape of the industry.

Here are the main factors that urge software developers to change their jobs.

1. More Money

Software engineers have an extra advantage as they know their pay is high in the tech industry. Tech companies are in need of good talent and sometimes try to avoid training new candidates as it costs them money. Many companies are eager to pay more money to those who are ready to enable them to move quickly in the development process. Various job agencies and hiring agencies attract programmers with high salaries, thus making them think about a career change.


2. Great Benefits & Perks

Not all programmer career changes happen because of a higher salary. Many of them think of higher perspectives and opportunities they will be provided by changing their jobs. So when the engineers do a tech job search they also pay attention to the benefits of their future position. If the company offers great benefits and has an amazing culture, then a career change will make sense.


3. New Technologies

There is always something new for software engineers to learn as technology is constantly changing. So tech companies should pay attention to keeping their technology up to date. It’s possible that if a company doesn’t embrace newer technology challenges and doesn’t make any innovative shifts then it might be at risk of losing its top talent.


4. Prestige

For tech job sites the preferable level for hiring software engineers is the senior level. But talking about seniority is not the only prestige we’re talking about.  Working at Google is more prestigious than working in a company nobody has heard of, regardless of skill set. So it’s likely that a more prestigious company could lure senior-level software developers simply based on its reputation.


5. Remote Work Opportunities

For software engineers whose work is related to computers, it is vital to have remote working opportunities. During the Covid-19 pandemic work from home opportunities have thrived but over time they haven’t been as consistently offered.  Companies that provide a work-from-home or hybrid work schedule are very attractive to job seekers.  Working remotely frees employees from the unnecessary time spent on the road and generally adds to the quality of life and work-life balance.

If you want to hire IT people for your company, especially software engineers, then you should pay attention to these points.

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How Often do Software Engineers Change Jobs?

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As the demand for software engineers is rising now and is predicted to rise, again and again, changing careers seems like a natural process. Software engineers often switch their jobs every 2 or 3 years. This frequency happens during the first 6 years of an engineer’s career. Career changes help developers to keep up with the changing trends and be able to compete effectively in the marketplace. How often a software engineer should change his/her job depends on the current job and future prospects.


How much should software engineers be paid?

It has been shown that changing your job will increase your salary by 30%. A study carried out in 2018 has shown that the USA is the best-paying country for developers. Salaries for senior developers with 5-10 years of experience are $150k – $180k.

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Software engineers often change their careers because of salary, growth, technology, staff, company, mission, etc. A programmer’s career change is justified as they are in-demanded professionals and have job security. If you’re looking to grow your team and retain your talent, it’s important to be aware of all these issues and HIRECLOUT can help you do just that.