Must-Know Recruitment Trends for Hiring Managers in 2021

2021 was an intense year and as COVID-19 continues to influence  corporations and corporate processes such as recruitment, it’s challenging to keep up with the trends. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been global changes and increased awareness on social issues that  have influenced recruiting trends. Here are 5 current must-know recruitment trends for hiring managers in 2021.


1. Remote approaches 

Remote working trend

Though vaccinations and various regulations are taking place , COVID-19 is still influencing talent acquisition trends. The pandemic changed recruiting trends in many ways. One of the most popular hiring trends is online interviewing. The process of online interviewing has its pros and cons. Some of the most notable benefits of remote interviews is time-efficiency and the ability to cast a bigger net. Considering how professionals in a field can be disproportionately spread, online interviewing can help mend the gaps. Remote approaches include interviewing, online tasks, psychological compatibility tests, and many more. These methods help provide the hiring manager optionality, perspective, and understanding when considering a recruit.

2. Diversity 

Diverse hiring

Diversity is one of the most influential recruiting trends of recent times. Statistics show that companies with a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace have better productivity and profitability. This causation also applies to companies where workflow processes are fully or partially remote. Thus, companies, organizations and ambitious teams are enthusiastic about having a diverse social representation. From the employees perspective, their identity is always appreciated and well-respected in a healthy and professional work environment. Here is a helpful guide that can help a professional determine if their current or prospective work environment is the right fit. If you haven’t already, you should seriously consider adapting your recruitment policies to include inclusion and diversity. This trend keeps growing.


3. Methodology changes

New hiring methodology

More and more companies think and apply new methodologies rather than staying loyal to conventional norms of recruitment processes. A competitive market place has led to new methodologies being more critical and needed. Here is an example: the psychogram test, which has replaced the traditional HR fill in the blank questionnaire. Another example is the creativity/imagination  test, which has replaced traditional quantitative exams. These new processes can be unorthodox and seem unconventional, but it is recommended that you  leverage online resources such as the following  guide. Online resources and external guidance can help reassure a hiring manager when adapting new methodology. These new methods can have various benefits that can not only help secure the right candidate, but also be more efficient and feasible.

4. Partnering with recruiting firms

Recruiting firm partnership

Recruiting trends are ongoing. Talent acquisition trends sometimes change not year to year, but from month to month. As we live in a constant time rush, sometimes the optimal choice is to trust professionals. There are recruiting companies that target specific industries. HIRECLOUT, for example, is focused on creating long-term career connections in the tech field. In particular, HIRECLOUT exclusively specializes in hiring Mid and Senior to Architect/Director level engineers for high-growth B2C and SaaS technology-focused companies. These companies solve problems across modern web/mobile UI, distributed systems, cloud, data ingestion/processing, and automated testing/deployment.   It boasts retention rates 3x higher than the industry average with an 18-month guarantee to back it up. Recruiting process focuses specifically on generating high quality culture fits who will stay and grow long term while helping the company reach its goals. If you still feel uncertain, skim through this article to find out more about how partnering with professional recruiting companies can benefit you.


In summary

To summarize, hiring trends are evolving quickly. In order to make sure you are following the latest recruiting trends, you have to constantly update your know-how and stay in touch with professionals in the field. Lastly, searching the internet to stay informed and gain perspective never hurts!