Best Part Time Jobs for Students to Combine with Education

As a student, you may experience stress for several reasons, including financial. It’s not easy to pay for school, books, accommodation, and food nowadays, especially when you live alone.
The first option to help you get rid of this problem is to get a new job. We have singled out the top 10 high-paying part time jobs for college students for you to consider. Each of them offers a good salary and, what’s more important, flexible hours. Have a look at these part-time jobs, and you’ll definitely find the perfect fit for you!

1. Web Developer 

Part time developer

At first sight, you may think that the tech industry requires a degree in a relevant sphere, but we have some good news! The degree is not a must, but a nice-to-have. You can learn relevant IT skills with the help of free online courses and get one of the best part time jobs for college students. It’s not only great when you combine it with your studies but will also give you the chance to get your desired salary. Remember that the average junior developer salary in the US is almost $80,000. So, it will be enough for all your needs.


2. Computer support specialist

Do you like helping others? If you’re patient and have calming voice able to give excellent fix-it advice, then a computer support specialist is your ideal part-time job. Computer support specialists can work both with external clients and co-workers. The process could be carried out either by phone or in person, depending on the role’s requirements.


3. Graphic designer

Another part time job for college students that don’t require a degree. If you are creative and have an impressive portfolio, the chances are high that you’ll get this job when you apply for it. Although some graphic designers create their artwork by hand, this sphere is mostly computer-driven. Your role may be the design and production of magazines, brochures, advertisements etc.


4. Data analyst

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and working with numbers? Then you can start a career as a data analyst. The latter study gather and clean data to aid in business decisions. You won’t need a degree to become a data analyst, but specific hard and soft skills will be required. Whether you’re learning a degree program or want to study independently, here are some technical skills you will need to get hired: Python or R programming, SQL, statistics, data visualization, cleaning and preparation.


5. Telecommunications technician

Although telecom technicians are less popular nowadays, this job could be suitable for college students since most vacations require a degree. All you need to do is install, maintain or repair communication infrastructure. Most companies offer on-the-job training to teach the candidates their responsibilities.


6. Digital marketer

The Internet allows anyone to promote their products and services, saving everyone’s time and effort. If you have skills like communicating with clients and working with online analytics data, you can easily combine this job with your studies.

Part time digital marketer

7. Tutor

Tutoring is another part time online job that you can consider as well-paid tutors usually earn $50 per hour or even more. There are hundreds of tutor-student matching platforms on the web. All you need to have for a good start is the knowledge of the subject you will teach and a relevant high school diploma. As a beginner, you can expect to earn anywhere from $14 to $25 based on your skills and qualifications. 


8. Translator

If you’re searching for online part time jobs for students and you know more than one language, you can undoubtedly become a translator! As a good translator, you won’t only have to write without mistakes, but you should also speak and read the language frequently. Why do you need it? Sometimes you’ll need to talk with your clients in their language, work on documents, and more. If you don’t like remote jobs, you can also find a similar vacancy in various organizations.


9. Salesperson

Are you good at communicating with strangers? Then a job in sales is what can provide you with the desired income and flexibility you’ve been looking for! You can engage yourself in commission-based sales. In other words, the more you sell, the higher your payment will be.

10. Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can work for an individual, organizing tasks like making appointments or for an organization, where you’ll have responsibilities like receiving business calls or memos. The first option is more preferable for college students as it will give you more flexibility.

As you can see, combining studies with work isn’t difficult nowadays. Students can find both offline and online part time jobs based on their hobbies, skills and schedule. If you are a student and can’t find a relevant job, our HIRECLOUT experts are there to help you!