10 LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips to Help you Get Hired

Are you looking for a new job but don’t know how to attract recruiters on Linkedin? So are thousands of others competing for various opportunities. If you want to win this challenging competition, it’s the right time to optimize your Linkedin profile.

Why optimize your Linkedin profile for recruiters?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest network for business contacts! So, you should think of it as your online business card. You want it to be memorable and not found in the recruiter’s pocket seven months later. Remember that recruiters are always looking for new candidates on LinkedIn. So, let’s find out how to attract recruiters on LinkedIn now!

1. Start with a unique and catchy headline.

The first thing that recruiters see on your profile is the headline. Create an extraordinary but, at the same time, descriptive headline for your LinkedIn account. How to make it descriptive? Write down your strengths and areas of focus instead of just mentioning your job title. Use keywords that you think recruiters may be searching to find candidates with your skills.

2. Choose a professional profile picture

LinkedIn is a social network. So, when you optimize your Linkedin profile, remember that the second thing your recruiter sees after the headline is your picture. 

Make sure that you have a profile pic that shows your charisma and professionalism, friendliness and warmth. Keeping the default profile pic icon will lower your chances as the recruiter may think you don’t put much effort and don’t want to be hired.

The picture size is 400 x 400 pixels on LinkedIn- a square picture with no more than 8MB. Choosing a portrait as your profile pic would be the best choice for LinkedIn. When you take a picture, wear clothes that you would wear at the office, not a crazy shirt that distracts you. No photos from the beach or wedding ceremonies, no selfies from bars!

3. Customize your URL for increased searchability

When you optimize your LinkedIn, don’t forget to customize the URL to your account. Make sure it’s memorable and easier to read. It’s especially powerful for your personal branding. So, go to the ‘Edit public profile and URL at the top right of your profile and change the URL with your name or something related to you. 

4. Write the “about” section but don’t be cliche 

LinkedIn profile optimization

Introduce yourself by writing a short bio here. Don’t forget to mention your experience, skills, career goals and inspiration.

Recruiters are tired of overused corporate jargon and are looking for someone who knows how to present himself/herself differently. Avoid cliches and try to sound as unique as possible.

Adding keywords to your “about” section will also be a bonus point for you, as your profile will be shown to more people due to these keywords. More people, more chances!

5. Build trust with the help of recommendations and skill endorsement

You can add up to 40 various skills to your account. Endorsing the skills you have would be fantastic for trust-building. Ask a few people you know to endorse your skills. They can also give recommendations for your LinkedIn account.

6. Be active

Attract recruiters on LinkedIn

Increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile by being active on the platform. Follow the groups and companies that are relevant to your industry and the job you search for. Share and LinkedIn posts that are interesting to you. That will show the recruiters which topics are crucial to you and how committed you are in your interested field. You can also demonstrate your expertise and authority by sharing some of your previous projects. 

7. Share your experience

Share your experience with the help of the relevant section. LinkedIn allows you to mention the job experience you had. Mention the experience you had at various companies. Recruiters who search for candidates would love to see where you worked before and how long you stayed at the same company.

8. Show your certifications and projects

Skills for Linkedin

If you have any certifications, don’t be shy to demonstrate them. Do you have any projects you worked on? It’s time to show them to the public. Try to be specific and clearly mention what was your role and contribution to each project. 

9. Turn on your InMail notifications

InMail messaging can be a great tool for establishing valuable connections. What’s the difference between a LinkedIn message and InMail? You can send LinkedIn messages to the people who are in your network. InMail will allow you to send private messages to the recruiters who aren’t in your connections. 

10. Make sure you complete all the sections

If you fully share your professional background on LinkedIn, chances are high that more people will notice you and you’ll get more offers from recruiters. Optimize your LinkedIn profile today, and get your desired job without too much effort.