Most In-demand Computer Science Jobs in 2021

It is a well-known fact that we are in the era of the tech industry. It is essential to know what the most in-demand computer science jobs are in order to keep up with the trends. 

Let’s discover the top trending jobs in 2021!

1. Software Engineer

Software Engineer ranks #1 as the most in-demand computer science job. No matter what type of tech job you’re looking for, chances are you’re familiar with Software Engineers. Software Engineers use analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to build websites and applications. 

Suppose you’re interested in becoming a Software Engineer. In that case, you can take a tech certification program that will teach you the skills needed to land an entry-level or junior software engineer role. Software engineers work across many industries. You’ll find them deploying apps and websites in tech, health care, government, and many other kinds of organizations. Right now, tech companies and other businesses are looking to hire 40,564 Software Engineers across the country. 

2. Mobile App Developer

As a mobile app developer, you’ll need to have knowledge of different mobile platforms and develop applications.   And, you’ll need to be skilled in working on various operating systems based on the client’s requirements. When gaining experience you should consider multiple fields if you want to work as a mobile app developer. Experience in programming, UX design, development, troubleshooting, debugging are just a few. 

Additionally, almost all computer science jobs require soft skills like effective communication and teamwork. 

3. Data Scientist

Jobs in computer science

With the help of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, data scientists collect and analyze large amounts of data.  They interpret data and help companies understand their customers’ behavior.  They also analyze market trends critical for developing business strategies. 

Skills data scientists should have include: coding, data wrangling, machine learning, deep learning, data visualization, predictive modeling, calculus, effective communication, and the ability to work in a team.

4. Information security analyst

Nowadays, the protection of data has become one of the most essential parts of our lives. As a result, companies hire information security analysts who are skilled in protecting computer systems and networks from cyber-attacks and malware. Information security analysts are responsible for planning and implementing security measures.  This often involves monitoring and reporting breaches, carrying out penetration testing, and maintaining safety protection measures. 

What skills do you need for an information security analyst job? Information security analysts usually have bachelor’s degrees in computer science. They should have knowledge of defense strategies and cybersecurity threats.  Additionally, they should have a wide range of soft skills like communication and collaboration.

5. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial intelligence specialsit

Another in-demand tech job is an AI specialist. The main responsibilities of artificial intelligence specialists are developing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.  These technologies help AI become smarter over time.  The benefits include automated business processes, statistical analysis, and increased engagement with customers and employees. 

Machine learning and AI specialist positions require expertise in ML and AI.  Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, and experience with TensorFlow is also a plus.  

6. Computer Systems Analyst

The main responsibility of computer system analysts is designing computer systems for client organizations. This involves researching their clients’ business models to find out which technologies are the best for their organizations. They also research the appropriate software and hardware based on the client’s budget and requirements. If you become a computer systems analyst you can work at client-service firms or in-house in different industries like healthcare, technology, and banking. 

Computer systems analysts have the following skills: Good understanding of IT and computer systems, computer science knowledge, critical thinking, communications, and client-facing skills.

7. IT manager

If you want to work in IT but don’t like coding, you should consider a position as an IT manager. IT managers are responsible for the short-term and long-term needs of a company. IT managers collaborate with upper management on technology-related tasks. This includes software and hardware upgrades, technology purchases, and relationships management.

IT managers should have strong project management skills, strategic thinking, communication, leadership skills, effective collaboration, general computer science expertise, and an awareness of current market trends and technologies.

What’s your best fit?

Narrow down the area you’re interested in working in, then make a list of all your skills.  From there you can boost areas in which you find gaps.  There are many certification programs available on a wide variety of topics. The good news about the computer science industry is that finding entry-level computer science jobs is easier as the demand is high. 

Not only does it feel good to work in a field that is in demand, but it’s also amazing to have a job with a great salary! Computer science jobs in Los Angeles are among the highest-paying ones. For example, the average salary of a software engineer is $95.000. If you like technology, then never give up learning. Sooner or later you’ll have the job of your dreams in your desired field!