Engineering Manager, SRE/DevOps

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Core Infrastructure Engineering Manager


Job Description
Are you looking for a new career in a fast-paced environment? Do you want to revolutionize the way people get from point A to point B? Are you an Engineering Manager with experience in the realm of InfrastructureIf you answered yes, then you should apply to join our team today! We are looking for a highly skilled Engineering Manager to join our Core Infrastructure team. This role will highly impact how our company’s infrastructure evolves over time. 
Our company’s infrastructure is composed of the following key areas (if you really want to work in a specific area, let us know in your application!):
  • Computing: Job scheduling and containerization; Docker, Mesos, Aurora.
  • Storage: Globally replicated data stores; MySQL, Cassandra.
  • Networking: Software-defined traffic control and RPC frameworks; Golang, Zookeeper, gRPC.
  • Performance: Distributed systems, tracing, profiling, system performance; Golang, Java, C++
We’re looking for someone with the following skills:
  • Fantastic interpersonal skills!
  • Very solid technical abilities accompanied by a portfolio that highlights your successes.
  • An undergraduate degree in computer science (or an equivalent degree)
  • Experience in managing backend infrastructure team(s) 
  • Practical experience with software development
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • A passion to lead and the ability to inspire others and encourage growth
  • Experience with project planning and the ability and good judgment to prioritize tasks in a quickly changing business environment
  • An innovative and open-minded approach to problem-solving 
  • The ability to evaluate new tech and make smart choices that encourage long-term results