Is HR Automation Real? How to Automate Your HR Affairs?

HR automation is real and has proven to be a very effective method for boosting productivity. However,  HR processes are varied, and you can choose the most blatant ones to automate. But how to automate your HR Affairs, read on, and you will find the most straightforward way. 

It is out of the question that human resources management plays a crucial role in business success. HR specialists are responsible for recruiting, onboarding, training, and development of employees. Tracking vacations, sick leaves, and payroll are also on the to-do list of the HR department. As far we have discussed, it is evident that no company would survive for long without HR. 

However, we also see that there is a lot of pure administration and paperwork to handle if you are an HR. These are tasks that can easily be automated to prioritize the human part of the job. By opting for HR process automation, you will make your HR and employees happy. Why? Because their HR will allocate more time on boosting their motivation and caring for their well-being

Therefore, you can start HR automation right now and make one more step to success. You can start little by little to ensure a smooth transition to automated HR processes. 

What is HR Automation?

HR automation is the process of digitizing repetitive and administrative tasks that require a lot of manual input. HR automation includes digitizing such processes as onboarding, benefits management, payroll, and time tracking. By using software to automate those time-consuming HR processes will help your HR team stay focused. 

HR automation is also helpful when striving for efficiency and security while reducing any potential human errors. 

Is HR automation real? Yes, it is more than real. The need for HR automation came to the front with the rise of technology. Moreover, R processes take a lengthy among of paperwork. Therefore, your HR team needs to spend its precious time on administrative tasks and never implement those human-related skills in your business. So, it is high time to find a new way of doing things and automate as much as possible with technology.


What are the benefits of HR automation?

Automate HR

There are a lot of benefits that HR automation can bring to your business. HR automation is a helping hand for your business, so let’s discuss the benefits. 


1. Higher level of efficiency

HR teams spend most of their time doing manual tasks such as organizing employee documents or updating the payroll data. When executed manually, it can drain the energy of your employees and make them highly inefficient. So here comes HR automation to help.

HR automation digitizes document-driven and time-consuming manual tasks that your HR team performs daily. For example, paperwork and data entry can block other more efficient processes of HR administration. Therefore by automating those manual tasks, your HR processes will be more efficient. In addition, by reducing any manual and repetitive tasks of your HR team, you increase their productivity and motivation. 

HR automation brings about a higher level of efficiency to your business. By extinguishing the time-consuming tasks from your HR team’s responsibilities, you will see more results from their work. By HR automation, you will make sure that your HR team is people’s advocate. Your HR team will have more time to ensure smooth communication across your organization. 


2. More insights at hand

HR process automation helps you track and collect important data. Therefore, you can analyze the data and spot patterns, and report on the performance. You can use the data to make informed decisions in your business. The insights will help you figure out your failures and correct them accordingly.


3. Better collaboration and communication 

As long as your HR processes are tracked automatically, you have all your team involved. HR automation helps create a better environment for teamwork and lets everyone know each other’s responsibilities. 


4. Inclusive and positive experience with your candidates and team

The effects of HR automation are similar to those of CRM. For example, if you keep all the data about your candidates in your software, you have a better view of your communication. Therefore, you will have better and more smooth collaboration, and both sides will stay happy. 

Hiring experiences matter a lot for your employer brand and overall reputation. Due to HR automation, you will keep track of your relations with your audience. Additionally, if the manual administrative tasks are automated, your HR team can have more time to connect with your candidates personally. They can allocate more time to getting back after the interview and get the brand messages through.

Another aspect of this benefit is for your employees. As your leave requests are managed automatically, your employees can serve themselves. For instance, they can just log in the request in the HR automation software, and you can keep up their timekeeping. Here, HR automation brings about some positive employee experience and improves motivation. 


How to Automate Your HR Affairs?  

HR process automation

Now that we have discussed all the benefits of HR automation, it is time to realize it. To automate your HR affairs, you will need to perform a simple needs analysis first. It depends on your organization’s need if you need to automate all the processes at once or partially. You can automate these HR processes: 


1. Payroll management 

Payroll is the first process you can automate. You can use payroll management software and it will work as a whole system. Therefore, you will not need to manually do the work. Oftentimes, payroll takes a lot of time and the chances of making errors are higher. 

There is an abundance of software that can automate payroll, including QuickBooks, Paychex etc. 


2. Time tracking

If you are using a manual time tracker, you are making your employees input their time every day. It is tiresome and time-consuming and the human factor is high here. Not every employee can remember what they did during the day or even the week if you are tracking weekly. Therefore, you are risking losing data and have not accurate numbers. We do not mean that the inaccuracy is caused intentionally, it is totally fine that people forget what they were doing during the day. 

To let your employees have a positive experience with time tracking and not be pressured to have a non-work-related task to do, you need to automate this. 

Time tracking can be automated again by simple software that requires a log-in in the morning. More advanced software can turn on automatically as soon as you start working. 


3. Onboarding 

Onboarding is one of the most time-consuming processes in HR administration. If done manually, it takes a lot of paperwork and prolongs the hiring process. To set your team for success and onboard quickly, you can automate this HR process as well. 

HR automation for onboarding will help your employees have smooth integration and also less paperwork. Moreover, there is more advanced AI-driven automation software that makes the process more interactive. 


4. Evaluations and performance reviews

Do you struggle when evaluating your employee performance? It might be because of manual management. You need clear data and analytics to objectively evaluate performance. Many businesses nowadays have included annual or bi-annual performance reviews into their benefits package, so this is a burning topic here. 

In order to review employee performance, you need to track their progress daily and have clear metrics of evaluation. Creating an automated process of tracking the progress will help managers and HR professionals seamlessly do performance evaluations.