The Best Interview Outfits: How to Dress for an Interview?

How to dress for an interview? This answer may vary based on the job and organization you’ve applied to! Interview outfits make the first impression about you, so choose it carefully. One company may have a formal dress code, while others may prefer a casual style!

Imagine wearing a crop top to an interview at a bank or a suit to a summer job or internship. You are not sending the right message to the interviewer. The latter may assume that you don’t really get the essence of your job and will lower your chances of getting the job.

Before you choose the interview outfits, research the company to find out how formal it is. Have a look at their website and social media pages. The visual images will indicate how formal the company is. 

Besides that, you can consider the role you are applying for! If the role is related to finance and law, formal business attire is required. For male candidates, it is a suit and a tie. For female interviewees, it can be a skirt suit, tailored dress, or pantsuit. 

However, in most cases, a business casual outfit is the best option. It is the most commonly used style in interviews.

What are business casual interview outfits?

Interview attire

Although this style doesn’t have a strict definition, it usually means the golden middle of formal and informal styles; dressed professionally but never too official. It’s just a level up from denim and a t-shirt and a level down from suit and tie. Let’s dive deeper into this style as it is the default dress code of most companies in almost every industry.

Business casual interview clothes for women

Professional tops -You should wear a top that is comfortable yet looks professional. For instance, a simple blouse with a jacket or a knit sweater, a dress with a cardigan, or a simple belt. 

Pants or a skirt– You can pair your top with a black pencil skirt or trousers. You can also wear khaki or cotton pants, just don’t forget to look professional.

Comfortable shoes– Black or brown flats or low heels can be the best options. Try to avoid brightly colored shoes, sneakers, or sandals.

Neutral accessories– Your accessories shouldn’t be large or chunky. Forget about too large bracelets, rings, and earrings. Instead, try delicate necklaces and simple bracelets. The key here lies in simplicity!

Interview clothes

Business casual interview outfits for men

Collared shirts– You can wear a light-colored shirt with long sleeves and a collar. Don’t forget to tuck it into your pants neatly. As an addition to your look, you can also wear a nice sweater over the shirt or a sports jacket.

Dress pants, chinos, or khakis– These are the best options for business casual interview outfits. You should wear the ones with neutral colors like brown, grey, black and navy blue. Don’t forget to match them with your shirt, though. It is also okay to wear dark-colored jeans.

Dark shoes- Dark-colored, polished shoes are the best option for a business casual outfit. The alternatives are loafers, Oxfords, or other professional-looking shoes that complement your outfit.

Neutral accents- Simplicity is appreciated here. You can wear a simple wristwatch but don’t forget to remove earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. A leather belt should match your shoe color.

What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

No matter what type of job you are interviewing for, there are a few things you should never wear when it comes to job interviews and interview outfits.

Bright-colored clothes– Believe me, this isn’t the best way to stand out from other candidates. Imagine someone coming to an interview in a bright red dress. Remember you aren’t at a party but a job interview. If you still want to wear a daring color, make sure you balance it with the rest of your clothes. For instance, a bright red shirt with a black suit will not look so inappropriate. 

Too much perfume or cologne– You never know if the interviewer has an allergy or can’t stand the strong scent you’ve sprayed on your clothes. Just take it easy and use little or no perfume.

Too much makeup– You surely want to look your best during the interview but don’t you think too much makeup will not have the desired effects on your interview results? The best thing to do is to keep your look natural. So, just avoid dark eyeshadow, bright lipstick, and heavy foundation cream.

Excessive accessories- If you want to add accessories to your interview attire, keep in mind that you must look professional. The minimum amount of accessories is quite normal, but oversized sunglasses, flashy necklaces, or bracelets will detract from the focus on the interview.

Outdated clothes– We know that your skills and experience are more important than the clothes you wear, but in the competitive market, every detail plays its role! If your clothes are outdated, it’s time to buy modern interview outfits before going to an interview! Don’t spend a lot of money on your interview attire. Finding stylish but inexpensive clothes is possible nowadays. Try it, and you’ll never regret it!