I Hate my Job: 5 Reasons to Change your Specialization

How often have you heard the sentence “I hate my job” at your workplace? Are you also among the ones who hate their job? 

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of Americans hate their jobs! They are constantly in search of new ones with the hope of finding the position of their dreams.

Reasons for a career change

If the situations mentioned below are familiar to you, then it’s time for a career change:

1. Morning fear

Is it hard for you to get up in the mornings? Or do you wake up with the thought, “I hate my job”? Take your time and find out what makes you have negative feelings. Maybe it is because of your manager or some of your colleagues you meet every day. Or do you consider your work content boring? This activity will help you identify the reasons for your morning fears and find solutions to them. For instance, changing your team, shifting from your tasks, or even leaving your position.

2. Health

It’s always an excellent option to change your job if you feel it affects your mental or physical health. That will have not only adverse effects on your career but also your personal life. Your desk job may lead to headaches, stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, weight gain, or even daily nausea. If you feel your health is getting worse, add more health activities to your daily routine or change your job.

3. Not suitable culture

Have you checked for your level of discomfort? Or have you ever felt like an outsider at your company? If you don’t fit in the company’s culture, you’ll start hating your job even if you like your occupation. In this case, search for a better option; otherwise, you’ll get disappointed in your profession, too.

4. No devotion 

What to do when you hate your job

Your performance has decreased. You feel unmotivated, and you constantly put off your work, and you mostly watch funny videos on Instagram. Maybe you don’t feel appreciated, or you are not in the proper role. Stop and think about what makes you hate the job before your hatred destroys your life. Try to answer the question, “does your company provide you with the money and goals you look for?” If not, why should you stay at that company?

The situation is a bit different when it comes to IT companies. Although IT jobs are known as some of the most stressful ones, employees have many benefits. So, if you are thinking about a career change because you hate your current job, here are a few reasons why you should consider the IT sphere when changing jobs.

Why should you choose IT for your career change?

IT career change

Reason N1: Fast career growth

Unlike other career fields, IT is the most evolving. If you start an entry-level job in IT, you will sooner or later move to a mid-level position. Moreover, many IT companies look for talents who still receive their degrees. So, if you want to change your career, IT will be the best choice.

Reason N2: It pays well

If you are searching for a new job only because your current company provides you with a low salary, then it’s time to join IT. 

Remember that employees with IT skills are invaluable assets for any company. It is mostly higher than the average, even at entry-level positions, when it comes to the financial part.

For instance, depending on the state and responsibilities, a software engineer can get a salary of $83,000, which is more than the national average in the US.

Reason N3: Fast employment 

Tech companies are searching for IT specialists because demand is always high, and there aren’t enough qualified specialists to fill this gap. So, if you’re a certified professional, you can easily find a job even without having a college degree. That’s why the IT sphere is perfect for those who hate their jobs and want a career change. 

Reason N4: Travel opportunities

If you’re tired of the office environment, you can work in the IT sphere and travel simultaneously. What could be better than a job that lets you travel wherever you want and work from various parts of the world? For instance, imagine working at the beach on a sunny day or at your favorite cafe sipping at the tastiest coffee.

Nowadays, it’s a common practice to learn new skills and work remotely to create your ideal workplace. A new way of life that will never be boring!

Reason N5: New challenges

Remember that IT is a popular and dynamic industry that changes over time. That means your job will never be dull. You’ll not be doing the same tasks over and over again. As an IT specialist, you’ll have to keep up with new technology changes. If you love learning, you’ll like moving to this industry.  

So, what to do when you hate your job? Staying at a job you hate won’t benefit you and the company in the long run. Get to know your skills and needs better and find the job based on them. Don’t view career change as something negative. It could be an excellent opportunity for your future career growth. Don’t struggle and enter the world of IT for a better career and bigger adventures. Some people have found their happiness in life after changing jobs.

So, settle yourself and look for the most in-demand tech jobs in the market that will ideally fit you.