How To Get Started in Tech Right Now

The tech industry offers many outstanding career opportunities with exceptional monetary rewards and perks, but breaking into the technology industry is not an easy task.
It is one of the few industries where growth looks robust for years to come. However, the question is what do you do when you lack the needed experience to secure your first tech job?
Of course, there is no full proof method, but there are some things that can be done to swing the pendulum in your favor.


Consume All Things Tech

Become a voracious reader. Learn about the industry, the companies, its players and thought leaders. It’s imperative to know what’s happening in the tech space, and there is always plenty going on. Whether it’s new products, acquisitions, funding announcements or the latest trending story, be on top of it.


Get Tech Social

Networking is crucial to finding opportunities with others in the industry. It also provides you with opportunities to take the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained from all of your research, and evaluate yourself against your industry peers. Try to make it a point to attend tech industry events as often as possible. If there are a few industry favorites, you follow on social media beware of what events they plan on attending and make it a point to go. By all means, introduce yourself.


Volunteer in Tech

Volunteering within the tech industry is a way to explore a variety of areas and gain experience. There are tons of established companies, startups, and individuals, with a multitude of projects, who are in need of help. Give some thought to what your objective is and then create a “hit list”. Whatever your goal is there are volunteer opportunities that provide the perfect scenario for you. Commit and work hard once you find the right opportunity. You may be pleasantly surprised when your volunteer efforts turn into your first tech job offer.


Tech DIY training

While you’re looking for employment opportunities, create projects to get going and develop your skills. Whether it’s taking apart a server, developing code, or venturing online to related sites; the point is, to experiment and learn. It’s your moment to sharpen your skills, troubleshoot, and problem solve.


Get an IT degree

Although there are opportunities that don’t require a technology degree, it can provide a competitive advantage when applying for jobs. Also, formal training provides access to professionals who are likely working in the industry. Those relationships have the potential to fortify your formal training, and in some cases can lead to job referrals.