How to Succeed the First Day Of Work

It’s your first day of work, and you want to stand out in the right way; oozing confidence and ready to command the day. Here are 7 suggestions to get the most out of your first day.

Rest up

Get a good night’s sleep before the first day of work. There’s no way you can have a stellar first day if the biggest challenge of the day is trying to stay alert. You’ll be taking in tons of information, and you don’t want to hit the repeat button too much, i.e., asking the question, “What did you say again?”

Rise and Shine

Wouldn’t it be a mess to be late on the first day of work? There are a few things to lessen the possibility. Set your alarm clock; even if you’re fortunate enough to be the type of person who normally wakes up using your internal clock. Also, make sure you know how to get to your new gig. Do a test run and figure out a few alternative ways to get to work. There aren’t many reasonable excuses for being late on day one.

Tighten up your elevator pitch

It’s inevitable that you’ll be asked about your background and experience a million times. On your first day of work, outside of the formal name introduction, your new colleagues will ask about the previous company you work for, the position you held, and perhaps what interests you have outside of work. Depending on the size of the company you may be asked what you’ll be doing in your new role. It can’t hurt to rehearse a 30-second pitch. Just remember to be natural when delivering it.

Be prepared to mingle

Company culture will dictate how much mingling you’ll need to do. But, at the minimum, be prepared to do lunch, whether it’s with your new boss or the whole team. If you haven’t had a chance to use your elevator pitch before, don’t worry you’ll get plenty of practice during lunch.

Put your phone on silent

If you didn’t discuss phone policies during your interview; silence your phone and keep texting off-site. Even if you see others using their devices liberally, don’t use that as a barometer. As a new employee you’re under a microscope, to begin with, why do anything to make a wrong impression.

What’s in a Name

Isn’t it impressive when you’re introduced to someone and through the course of the conversation the person addresses you by your name? The ability to retain names comes naturally for some, but if you want to make a good impression, remembering a co-worker’s name will instantly gain you a new friend.

A good way to remember a name is to associate it with something or someone that is familiar to you. Be careful not to associate your colleague with a person who has a similar name. You may find yourself addressing them by the wrong name. If you are not sure about the correct pronunciation, err on the side of caution, and avoid addressing them by name until you make sure you’ve got it right. Another way to remember a person’s name is to repeat their name immediately after the introduction.

By using these simple strategies, you’re ready to ace your first day of work.  Just make sure to set your work principles and follow them throughout your career!