How to Find a Job During a Pandemic: 6 Best Tips to Follow

It’s a tough time in the job market, with many employees struggling because of the pandemic. Do you have a job? Then, you most likely work from home. But if you don’t have it and are wondering how to find a job during this crazy period, then you’ve come to the right place!

Below you will find six tips to follow if you aim to find a job during the pandemic.

Connect with your network

Of course, not everyone may like the idea of asking others for help, but most people understand what challenges one may have when starting a new job during corona. That’s why they do their best to help however they can. Let them know what kind of jobs you are searching for and the target companies you’d love to work with. Maybe they could do an email intro to people who work at the company. When you have people in your network who send your resume and cover letter on your behalf, you will more likely be hired by the company.

Is your former company engaged in jobs hiring during coronavirus, too? Don’t hesitate to reach them. They are already familiar with your skills and potential. That means you’ll have more chances to get hired by them. If they don’t have a job opening, reach them anyway. Having a professional reference from your former employers will only be beneficial for your new job search journey.

Work from home

Work from home during pandemic

Before starting a new job at the office, you can work as a freelancer at various companies. Especially nowadays, the demand for freelancers has risen. You can gain some skills with the help of it. Besides that, employers appreciate self-discipline and the ability to communicate effectively. You should definitely have these skills if you work from home. When you impress your co-workers with your skills, they will offer a full-time job.

Practice interview processes

As many people work remotely, companies organize job interviews by phone or video instead of asking the candidates to come to the office. For some people, it could be challenging to express their thoughts and ideas via audio or video calls. It’s also not easy to interpret the interviewer’s reaction. Therefore, learning how to behave yourself during phone or video job interviews will make you stand out from other candidates. Learn some tips for phone and video interviews, and the conversation between you and the interviewer will flow naturally without awkward pauses.

Don’t use the same CV and resume for all jobs

The fourth most important tip on how to find a job during the pandemic is to change your application for each job you apply for. Some people send the same cover letter and resume to all the job applications, which is one of the reasons they fail. Spend more time on writing a successful cover letter and resume based on the requirements of the company. Don’t forget to mention the right skills, education level, and job titles. Otherwise, your application will be immediately eliminated. 

Use the time wisely

Analyzing job descriptions

Jobs hiring during coronavirus is slower than usual. You can take advantage of this slowing job market. Instead of agreeing on the first opportunity, ponder over the role you’d like to have and the title you’re searching for.

We suggest creating a small document about your target industry, roles, job titles and even companies you’d love to work for. Then you can apply to any posting that meets half or all of your written criteria. For this stage, don’t focus on the job title but the skills the company requires from you to have. 

Improve your skills and strengthen the ones you have

Whether your goal is to work from home or at the office, you should never stop learning. Building new skills or strengthening the ones you already have is crucial for having a successful career and finding the job of your dreams. How can job applications help you boost your skills? Here is a method you can use. 

Start analyzing job descriptions focusing on the required skills and qualifications. Do you have all the skills mentioned in the job description? Which skills need to be improved? Use the gathered information to build the skills or improve the ones you will need to get your dream job. 

For example, if you want to apply for marketing manager positions, the required skills may include Google Analytics or WebTrends. Being certified in both or one of them will make your resume stand out.

All in all, starting a new job is challenging for any jobseekers. Especially now when the job market has dramatically changed because of the pandemic. Even the salaries are expected to be affected by the Coronavirus in the post-pandemic period. But you should never give up! Practice the above-mentioned tips, apply and monitor every single day and your hard work will be paid off!