How the Global Pandemic Has Changed the IT Industry

Ah, the pandemic again, but let us stay positive because coronavirus and technology seem to be on good terms.

We have seen a lot of businesses collide and people lose jobs during the pandemic. But let us speak about how the global pandemic has changed the IT industry.

Change in technology over time is inevitable even in non-pandemic times, so what has happened in the IT industry during the COVID-19 pandemic?  It has accelerated the process of change in technology.

A lot of companies reached the “unicorn” level, others have kick-started a tech company from scratch.

The demand for tech jobs has skyrocketed in recent years because the tech industry turned out to be the most flexible and adaptive. Change in technology is the old normal, and the tech industry is also responsible for innovation. Therefore, a lot of tech jobs took the place of most in-demand jobs in the market. You can work in a tech company and still stay at home. The most challenging part of the pandemic has been the “stay-at-home” state, which has caused a lot of companies to shut down. However, tech companies have long realized that they don’t need a physical office to deliver results. So, remote jobs in the tech industry turned out to work quite well.

Coronavirus and technology are good friends now as it has brought some positive changes in the technological environment.


Changes in the tech job landscape 

Changes in the IT industry

The new normal after the coronavirus pandemic has created a new way of working. Tech jobs have multiplied and the demand for tech professionals has doubled. Over time, technical hiring has changed its implementation plans. Now technical recruiters have no location limits, so they have access to the global talent pool.

The requirements of businesses to hire an in-house team have long gone. Companies can have a fully remote team and even human resource management can function remotely. For example, HIRECLOUT has been helping companies build remote teams of top professionals for permanent positions as well as project based teams.  HIRECLOUT’s also been successful in placing senior-level professionals in positions which are almost unreachable on the market.

Usually there is a stereotype about outsourcing agencies that they do not go deep into the culture and values of the company or that they do not “feel” the company they work for and just mechanically perform their tasks. Realizing this, HIRECLOUT made huge efforts towards the direction of establishing long term relationships that last. The best proof of that is the employee retention statistics that the client companies show when partnering with HIRECLOUT.


Changes in Automation technology 

Change in technology has increased the demand for business process automation. Process automation  has been around a long time, but it was easier to conduct when we could work in-office.  Additionally we didn’t have to consider full automation scenarios!  . Coronavirus has accelerated the process of using technology to automate business processes.

Moreover, the recent advances in the sphere of artificial intelligence and robotics process automation have leveraged the tech market. As the pandemic hit, the need to have functioning business automation software became  a top priority.

For example, when it comes to human resources management, HR automation software will make your business life easier. As manual time tracking and employee leave management are automated, you can optimize your time and spend it on more strategic work.

Big corporations have already started implementing business automation software to eliminate the routine activities and get rid of manually updated excel sheets.

Changes in technology over time have convinced companies to invest in technology to automate their business.


Changes in the use of cloud computing

Recent  changes in technology have prompted the use of cloud technologies. More and more companies have turned to cloud storage because of its efficiency. Cloud hosting allows you to have access to all your data wherever you are. So, when operating remotely your team can have full access to their documents. When working remotely, the need for on-premise servers is necessary. It is also the new trend to have a cloud hosting for all your business data with managed access to it.

Moreover, cloud technologies provide its users with more security and protection from digital hacking than ever before.


Changes in communication technology

Communication in post-pandemic technology industry

Finally, let’s talk about the boom in digital communication technology. Coronavirus has also increased the demand for video conferencing software as teams have seen the need to communicate more frequently when staying at home.

The new normal has become a video conference in the morning of a usual workday.

How has this need affected change in the tech industry?? The high demand for video conferencing software has done well for IT support specialists. The more people use software, the higher the need to help them have a smooth journey in the application. So coronavirus has helped IT support specialists thrive and secure their spot in the job market.


In sum 

As we see, coronavirus and technology will be working side by side  for a long time. Technology has always been adaptive and ever-changing, but coronavirus has escalated it to a new level. Only time, innovation, and creativity will show us what other positive effects the pandemic will have on the technology industry.