High Level Wisdom Podcast Feat. Avetis Antaplyan, CEO

Podcast by

High Level Wisdom for New Generation Leaders

Episode 38 Featuring

Avetis Antaplyan, CEO of HIRECLOUT


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High Level Wisdom podcast


The show notes are courtesy of High Level Wisdom for New Generation Leaders

  • Hireclout helps companies grow, and helps individuals further their careers [04:57]
  • On his salesclerk job in college: Avetis learned as much as he could and was promoted to supervisor at 19 years old [06:47]
  • Even as a kid, Avetis had the tendency to lead [14:22]
  • On leading by example [19:14]
  • How comfortable are millennials with sharing their opinions? [21:48]
  • What positive impact do millennials contribute to cross-generational teams? [22:37]
  • Tips for the millennial eyeing the C-suite: bridge the gap, be more accessible, and be slightly different from your peers [25:12]
  • Avetis thinks millennials are not lazy and entitled [28:06]
  • On being different from everyone else [28:21]
  • Tip for the tech-driven millennial: Join a smaller company and help them survive [30:20]
  • Tip for the baby boomer: Why not join a startup? [32:25]
  • Are the Generation X cynical and jaded? [37:30]
  • Avetis believes it’s not about age or generation; it’s more about the person’s “why’s” [38:47]