Best Jobs for Introverts to Work From Home

Jobs for introverts are real, especially recently. There are a lot of high-paying jobs for not very social people. You no longer need to sacrifice your lack of energy and feel uncomfortable in a crowded open-space office environment.


Why do Introverts Prefer to Work from home? 


Introverts are sometimes mistakenly labeled as shy or anti-social. Most of the time, it is not the truth. The reality is that introverts enjoy socializing and are not shy. However, their social energy recharges when they spend some time alone. A day full of social events and active interactions may be draining for introverts. 

Therefore, they need alone time to recharge their social batteries and re-energize. Introvert careers are pretty real in this world now. Post-pandemic times have proven that working from home is real and people can stay productive not leaving their homes.

 Introverts prefer to work from home most of the time because they can have peace of mind alone. Sometimes an active office setting can arouse anxiety in introverts. Moreover, introverts can save their energy and direct it towards productive work. Recent studies on productivity show that working remotely can increase productivity by nearly 70%. So why not take the chance, especially when you are looking for jobs for introverts.

We have compiled a list of possible introvert careers for you to choose from. 

In addition, the list has remote non-social jobs that will give you a chance to save your social batteries as an introvert. 


1. Social Media Manager 

An excellent job for introverts with anxiety who find it hard to communicate directly with people. Social media management includes setting up social media marketing strategies, coordinating post creation, and also copywriting. For example, you can learn social media marketing for free and get certified by online academies. In addition, you can follow active social media managers who share tips and tricks on social media management for free.

The job of a social media manager varies from client to client, but the beauty is that you can have multiple projects at a time. It increases the chance of your earnings.
Social media managers can work from home all the time as everything they need is online. Apart from being a very calm and non-social job, it is also a well-paying job. According to Sproutsocial, the average salary for social media managers ranges from $30.000-$70.000 per annum. 


2. Video Editor

Video editing is a fantastic job for introverts who have an eye for details and a little bit of creativity. You can work from home in your comfort zone. However, it requires some technical skills and software on your device.  You will have a bunch of offers if you set up your profile on the right platforms. The demand for video content is skyrocketing as there are new creators daily.

Nearly all social media platforms have prioritized video content for their ranking, so you are sure to have many video content for editing. 

The profitability of video editing is relatively high -$60.000 annually.  



3. Software developer 


Software development is one of the best non-social jobs that you could ever imagine. It is introvert-friendly and highly profitable. 

Software development requires a bunch of skills, both technical and analytical. If you consider a tech career, you can choose one of the best coding languages to learn in 2021. In addition, you can work as a software developer fully remote, so no need to socialize a lot at the office. 

According to Payscale,  software development is a challenging and highly profitable job with an annual salary of about $87,797. 


4. Data Scientist

If you’re looking for jobs for introverts and you have a profound love for data, this is the best work-from-home option. Data scientists create spreadsheets full of numbers and analyze them. The final results of their work done is a comprehensive report for the client. 

You will spend your day at home, I know, a paradise for most introverts. However, it is a job that requires a lot of analytical skills and a love for data.
According to some research, a beginner-level data scientist can earn up to $75000 yearly. 

Moreover, a data scientist is on the top list of most in-demand tech jobs in 2021. 


5. Proofreading 

The list of jobs for introverts goes on, and we have included proofreading here. Proofreading requires a lot of attention to detail and a love for words. 

If you are good at perfecting pieces of writing, you will enjoy this job. Proofreading is the final step executed in content writing. You will be working with publishers and content writers. This can be done from home, and it will not interfere with your social energy. You will spend most of your time at the computer screen, reading pieces of content. 

A proofreader usually earns $35000 – $60000 annually. This is an in-demand job, too, because tons of content gets published daily, so you will always have a piece to review.


The world is full of opportunities to pursue, and you don’t need to sacrifice your energy for a draining job. Stay at home and earn money, but don’t forget to socialize.