How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You” – 5 Best Examples

Job interviews are tricky because of some questions asked by HRs. Even though they sound simple, sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to answer them. One of such questions is “why should we hire you?”, which is the core of the whole interview process.

“Why should we hire you?” is among the most commonly asked questions during interviews. To answer it correctly, you should compare yourself with all other candidates you haven’t met, but you shouldn’t sound like a show-off.

Answer this question by stating your skills. Don’t talk too much about yourself as you will lose the interest of a hiring manager. Your answer to the question is your selling technique, so you should be well prepared to nail it. 

Below, we will share with you some instances of the best answers to the “why should we hire you“ question. They will help you prepare your answer beforehand, which will only give you more chances to pass the interview successfully. 

Why should we hire You Answer:

Why should we hire you answer

Answer N1:

Thanks for asking this question. From what I’ve learned about your company, you are searching for someone who will be able to solve customer problems quickly and effectively, right? At my previous job, I handled customer issues many times.  Customers went away with satisfaction and didn’t stop using our services. I can describe a few cases of similar situations I encountered…

Before answering the actual question, always thank the interviewer for asking that question. When you thank you show how polite you are. Moreover, it saves you a few seconds to think about how you want to answer that question.

To demonstrate your skills, bring some examples where you performed that job duty with a positive outcome. The more specific and unique examples you share, the more memorable you become to the hiring manager. 

Answer N2:

My experience in digital marketing makes me the right match for this position. In my last job, I was responsible for organizing campaigns for our company and promoting them on digital platforms. I loved what I was doing, which is why I applied to you. I would be eager to bring the marketing skills I learned there to this position.

In your answer highlight the skills required for the position you applied for. Describe in more detail how you applied those skills previously and how they helped you succeed in your previous tasks at work. This will give the HR manager a chance to see why you are the best person for this job.

Answer N3:

Thanks for the question. You have mentioned earlier that leadership qualities are desirable for this position, too. In my previous experience as a marketing manager, I have managed a team of more than 20 people. I know how to communicate with each of the team members and make them feel a part of an awesome team that knows how to achieve goals together. I will bring those leadership skills to this position, too.

The answer to “why should I hire you” can be talking about the “bonus” skills that not all candidates would have, but the hiring manager would see it as a big plus for the applied position. Those skills will separate you from others and give you more chances to get called back for the second interview.

Answer N4:

I see that you’re looking for someone with communication skills. While volunteering for various international companies, I learned how to communicate well with people who belong to different cultures. For me, the key to successful communication is the ability to not only speak but listen. My effective communication skills will only help me when performing the responsibilities you described.

If you don’t have extensive experience in the field you are applying to, you can talk about the skills you improved while volunteering to show how you’re the best fit for the applied position.

Answer N5: 

I don’t really know much about the experience of other candidates but I can talk about the criteria that make me the best fit for this position. After working in the same industry for more than 5 years, I am aware of all the subtleties of this position. Moreover, I successfully managed a team of 10 in our marketing agency. I was responsible for developing creative campaigns and managing the budgets. Actually, the last campaign was a huge success with a 14% increase in awareness among our target audience. I am convinced  I  have all the skills now to start working at a company of your size.

Mentioning your inability to respond directly to other candidates gives you a look of transparency and credibility with the interviewer.