Best Ways to Answer “Sell Me This Pen” Job Interview Question

Getting ready for a sales-related interview is a real challenge as you have to answer complex questions to show your skills as a salesperson. “Sell me this pen” is one of such challenging questions that appears for various positions related to sales starting from an entry-level assistant to an experienced salesperson.  

Let’s dive deeper and find out how to sell a pen before going to the interview. If you prepare interview questions like this beforehand, you’ll be able to sell anything to anyone during the interview.

Why does an interviewer ask the “how to sell a pen” question?

How to sell a pen in a job interview

The interviewer asks this and many other sales-related awkward interview questions to discover if the candidates can sell and what techniques they use.

Your answer will demonstrate how you can think on your feet and how you usually communicate.

Remember that it’s not always a pen in the question. Interviewers usually pick apples or pens, but it could be any product, even the one the company sells. The interviewer’s goal is to explore which techniques you use when answering the question.

How to sell a pen during the interview

This question has no wrong or correct answer. The interviewer is most interested in the sales process, communication skills, and enthusiasm when asking this question.

Below you can find some tips that will help you answer the “sell me this pen” interview question:

Be enthusiastic: Show that you’re excited about the product that you’re introducing. Even if you say something like, “I am excited to tell you about this quality pen”, you should express the same emotions as a part of your nonverbal communication. So, pay attention to your voice and facial expressions when selling a pen or any other product.

Ask questions: A successful selling process requires a good knowledge about your customers and the product itself. For instance, if your customer’s top priority is taking notes during the meetings, then you should emphasize that the pen has non-smearing ink, which will let anyone take notes wherever they go. If the customer complains that his pen doesn’t write on certain surfaces, you should tell them how smoothly the ink flows from the pen and how well it writes on all kinds of surfaces.

Sell it without help: Some interviewers may not play along with your effort, so be ready to sell the product without their help. Start emphasizing the product’s features and talk about the benefits that customers will get after purchasing the product. Mention your personal experience and what you liked about the product.

Try to close the sale: The essential part of a sales pitch is to close it with a new customer. Try to use a positive statement at the end of your pitch to make anyone say “yes”. When the interviewer sees your ability to close the pitch, the chances are high that you’ll be hired.

Be creative: Of course, you can’t be 100% correct when coming up with an answer to “how to sell a pen”. So, add some creativity to your pitch. The interviewer will appreciate it.

Sell me this pen: Examples

Selling a pen in a job interview

Example N1

You: Could you please tell me when was the last time you used a pen?

Interviewer: I used it an hour ago.

You: And what was the reason?

Interviewer: Well, I was at a conference and had to take notes there.

You: Awesome, do you remember when a pen let you down?

Interviewer: Yes! Last week I was at a crucial meeting, and my pen kept running out of ink. I stopped taking notes because of it, and now I don’t remember my tasks. 

You: That isn’t very good!

Interviewer: True.

You: You sound like someone with many tasks to do and have to take part in many meetings and conferences, right?

Interviewer: Yeah, I have meetings almost every day.

You: Well, with such a busy schedule, you won’t have time to think about whether or not your pen is reliable. This pen (showing the one that needs to be sold) will never let you down. The good thing about this pen is that it has refillable ink, and each customer will get 5 free ink refills! That’s more than enough to use this pen for more than a year. Moreover, if you buy one today, you’ll get a second one for 25% off. Ready to make your life easier?

Example N2

You: At first sight, this pen is just a utensil to write your notes down. But, I think it is more than that. Mr Bell, this is a way to leave our marks. Could you please tell me when was the last time you used a pen?

Interviewer: I used my pen to sign Thanksgiving cards some days ago.

You: Oh, that’s such a nice gesture. You know people don’t usually use handwriting nowadays. If you don’t mind me asking, who was the card for?

Interviewer: It was for my lovely daughter and one of my closest friends.

You: It’s so lovely that you use handwriting instead of typing such stuff. In my opinion, all these beautiful gestures will disappear after we all start using typed cards. I believe that handwriting is something unique and belongs to each individual. When you write a small note and give it to the people you love, you give them a small piece of you that will stay with them forever. 

Interviewer: I agree with you. I still have birthday cards that my kids gave to me 10 years ago. Every time I look at the cards, I remember the fantastic time I spent with my family. 

You: Yeah, exactly. Imagine if they typed all these cards instead of writing with a pen. They wouldn’t have the same meaning to you as they do now. That’s why I am selling this pen, Mr Bell. I want everyone to feel the energy and life of the writer through their writings. Your children will admire you every time they open a card written by you. Isn’t it touching?

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