5 Reasons To Hire Your Competitors’ Software Engineers

With layoffs, reduced valuations, and a general economic slowdown, the availability for quality software talent is greater than ever. But with so many choices, how do you hire the right software engineers?

Here are 5 reasons to hire your competitors’ software engineers.

1. They’re easier to evaluate.

Instead of comparing apples to oranges, you compare apples to apples. It’s easier to understand if you hire engineers from your competitors know what they’re talking about, have new insights in your domain, or are simply subpar.

2. Domain expertise = faster ramp up.

Engineers who know your business domain are more attune with your existing business problems, can communicate more effectively with the product and business teams, and will be able to work on high impact solutions to major business challenges within weeks vs months.

3. Learn from your competitors’ mistakes.

Engineers from your competition have probably already built features and capabilities you’re considering or in the middle of creating.  Hiring them is a great opportunity to compare notes on best practices and identify easy wins.  It can also prevent you from starting a disastrous new project.

 4. Hiring from your competitors slows down the competition.

If you’re feeling really competitive, pulling A-Players from your competitors slows down their ability to compete with you. Win-Win for you. (It’s a cold hard world sometimes.) 😊

5. They’re worth the money.

Money spent on an engineer from your competitor is less likely to be wasted. Sometimes we pay big bucks and big fees to get new hires. Those dollars go further on candidates more likely to perform faster.

Want to hire your competitors’ engineers?

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