5 of the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs of 2019 (and 3 for 2020!)

Even though 2019 is almost over, don’t worry – there’s still time to land a coveted tech job before the year is out! 2019 was a great year for the tech world and even better for tech candidates looking for a new job or the next step in their career. There are many in-demand tech jobs on the market.  But, over the course of this year, we’ve taken note of a few jobs that are constantly sought out by employers.

There will always be plenty of jobs in the tech industry, and that’s not slowing down – if you remember in our earlier blog post #Trending In Recruiting: Part I, unemployment is almost non-existent in the tech world. However, if you’re looking for any of the jobs in this article, then you’re in luck! Let’s take a look at 5 of the most in-demand jobs of 2019. Plus, we’ll also give you a sneak peek at 3 hot jobs for 2020!


Most wanted tech jobs of 2019

Cybersecurity Engineer

Online security is a growing concern for everyone, spanning from the individual consumer all the way to the federal government. For companies, specifically, finding candidates who know how to protect their organization’s data is imperative. With new threats and cyberattacks on the rise, it’s no surprise that companies are scrambling to find qualified Cybersecurity Engineers who will help keep their company’s data secure. Candidates looking to make this their next career should have experience with firewalls, extremely innovative problem-solving skills, and knowledge of hacking and cybersecurity trends.  If you specialize in Cybersecurity, you have your pick of opportunities.


Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AI)

If you’ve been a part of any tech conversation this year, you’ve probably heard how popular Artificial Intelligence is becoming. Thanks to programs like Siri and Alexa, AI has become integral to our everyday lives. In the business world, more companies are relying on AI to help automate their processes, make their systems more intelligent, and just generally make their lives easier (Rayome, TechRepublic.com). The increase in AI’s popularity has resulted in huge demand for engineers that specialize in the subject. This position is focused on the overall development of AI, merging data engineering, software development, and data science. No matter what specific area is of interest to you, if you are an AI tech wizard, your job possibilities are endless.


Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning is another big part of the AI conversation, and it’s still a fairly new concept. Here’s how it works: engineers use data to create digital algorithms.  These algorithms give machines (like computers) the ability to effectively learn information and apply that knowledge to future instances. Machine Learning Engineers work in tandem with AI Engineers to focus on what it takes to make a computer ‘learn.’ A position like this one calls for candidates who have a strong understanding of computer science fundamentals.  This includes programming knowledge, software engineering skills, statistics, and data modeling. Does that sound like you? Then Machine Learning is right up your alley.


Data Scientist

Data, data, everywhere! Since it first manifested in 2008-2009 (Plavljanić, Infinum.co), Data Scientists have been in high demand. In fact, this job has been the most in-demand tech job on Glassdoor for 3 years running! (Rayome, TechRepublic.com). The Data Science position has crossed paths with virtually every business in the industry.

Simply put – how useful can data really be if there’s no one who knows how to analyze it? Well, that’s where Data Scientists come in. Companies are always looking for candidates with a talent for not only analyzing data but determining how to best use that data to make smart business decisions. If you have a business-savvy mind with a talent for statistics and analysis, get that resume ready! Companies all over the nation are looking for people like you. 

DevOps Engineers

If the term ‘DevOps’ makes you look at your computer screen in confusion, you aren’t alone. ‘DevOps’ is a combination of the words Development and Operations, but many businesses still haven’t nailed down exactly what that means. Luckily for them, there is a rising number of DevOps professionals in the IT world, and that means DevOps professionals are in high demand.

Simply put, DevOps Engineers are integral to bridging the gaps across software development and operations teams, using their technical skills and knowledge as they move forward with design and testing processes (Plavljanić, Infinum.co). These skills make DevOps Engineers the perfect people to tackle and maintain a company’s IT infrastructure and manage code. Candidates with a background in computer science, math, or engineering would do well in this position. If that sounds like you, then don’t miss out on your chance to apply.

What’s In Demand for 2020?

In-demand tech jobs trends

2020 is just around the corner, and the question is hot on everyone’s mind: what jobs will be the most in-demand next year? Tech might be advanced, but it’s not advanced enough to predict the future – yet. But taking a look at new research and trends can give us a little hint as to what is coming. Read on and get your headstart for 2020!


We already touched on Cybersecurity earlier in this article as one of the most in-demand jobs this year, but analysts and bloggers predict that this job will still be in high demand when 2020 rolls around. Because as tech advances, so do new cyber threats. Companies will always be in need of highly skilled professionals.  Professionals who follow security trends and who can handle new cybersecurity challenges will do well.  Some other buzzwords you might see in this area include Security Analyst and IT Security Specialist.

Cloud Engineer

Also listed as a popular tech job in 2019, the demand for Cloud Engineers is only expected to increase in the coming year. In 2019, many businesses started to migrate their infrastructure model to the cloud instead of the traditional on-site model (Rayome, TechRepublic.com). The search for professionals who have high levels of expertise in this area will be crucial as companies continue to discover how to develop innovative solutions at scale. Candidates should brush up on their programming skills.  Python, Java, and Ruby will help secure one of these coveted positions next year.

Blockchain Developer

Have you’ve heard about Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, or anything regarding cryptocurrencies?  It’s very likely that you have and that means you’ve heard about blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology explained simply, is “a decentralized data storage solution that can be used by the public” (Plavljanić, Infinum.co). While blockchain may have started as part of the cryptocurrency craze, companies have begun to use it for supply chain functions, smart contracts, and sharing data (Plavljanić, Infinum.co).

This area of technology is still fairly new, so the demand for professionals in this area is extremely great. Candidates looking to get a job in this area would do well to brush up on their networking and cryptography computing skills, as well as programming skills they have in languages like Java, C++, Go, and Python (Divyanshu19, initgeek.com).

Apply to the positions listed above, if you’re looking to make your next career step before the year is out.  Keep your eyes open for new opportunities for the new year, take some of the job predictions and run with them! Now is the perfect time to get your foot in the door so make sure your skills are sharpened.  For even more insight on how to land the job, give HIRECLOUT a call at (818) 882-2000 or send us an email at info@hireclout.com. And don’t forget to visit us on LinkedIn as well to see more of the great opportunities we can connect you with!


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