5 LinkedIn Recruitment Tips for Tech Recruiters

Learn the advantages LinkedIn can bring during the tech recruitment process. Discover more details about recruiting on LinkedIn and 5 LinkedIn recruitment tips to improve tech recruiting strategy.


What are 5 Tips for Better LinkedIn Recruitment?

Recruiting on LinkedIn

For numerous IT staffing companies, it has become very difficult to find software developers for their job positions. As stated in the Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, by 2026 the demand for software engineers will rise about 3.5 times faster than for other jobs. LinkedIn has become the most frequently used place for tech recruiters. It is one of the most crowded and competitive job staffing sites. Tech staffing is challenging for many recruiters because they are not professional software developers. Some trips will help hiring managers in recruiting on LinkedIn.

1. Setting up Employer’s Brand

Most software engineers claim that they will work for a company because of a strong employer brand. For being a strong employer brand the company should:

  • Optimize the company page
  • Write attractive job descriptions
  • Create great content

LinkedIn for recruiters is the best choice as it is the world’s largest hiring network with more than 740M members.


2. Knowing Where to Look

LinkedIn recruitment works great with software engineers and to find the best places hiring managers should use LinkedIn’s talent pool reports. So if you’re looking for a JavaScript developer then you should pull out LinkedIn’s talent pool reports and begin making a plan. The surveys will show where JavaScript developers are in high or low demand.


3. Writing Personailized InMails

Stack Overflow survey shows that 63.9% of software developers prefer getting emails rather than telephone calls. InMail (LinkedIn’s messaging) is one of the most common ways that recruiters reach out to software engineers in LinkedIn recruitment. A headline is the first impression so if it is a great one then the candidate will read the rest of the message and will consider the job position. So this is one of the best ways of actively recruiting on LinkedIn.


4. Interviewing Candidates to Differentiate Good Developers from Great Ones

If you have successful InMails and find a few candidates by LinkedIn recruitment then it is time for an interview. It is the only chance to know whether they are the right ones for your position or not. And the important thing is what questions to ask to know the candidates better. To succeed in the interview process it is advisable to provide a work sample that can be a developer test for example. Of course in technical hiring, the most important thing is the technical skills but it is interpersonal skills that differentiate a good software engineer from the best one. So to find a leading software engineer the employer should pay attention to both the hard and soft skills of the candidates.

Software developers are demanded professionals and they can go to multiple interviews at the same time to choose the best company they will work with. So the employers should know that at the same time they are being interviewed too. And to attract such demanded professionals, hiring managers should make the candidates as comfortable as possible, and explain the advertised job’s functions and goals clearly.


5. Offering More

So if software engineers change their jobs there can be various factors but the most common ones are:

  • More money
  • Better career opportunities

So managers actively recruiting on LinkedIn should pay attention to these points for best matches.


How to Get the Best from Recruiting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for recruiters

Thousands of hiring agencies use LinkedIn for recruitment. LinkedIn for recruiters is the best social network because it is exactly designed for professional networking. But there are right and wrong ways of LinkedIn recruiting.

Those who are actively recruiting on LinkedIn should avoid:

  • Overusing or misusing InMails
  • Spending the budget in one place and waiting for the right applicants to come

And here are tips to get the best from LinkedIn recruiting.

  • Make sure the profile is top-level
  • Getting custom URL
  • Considering better SEO
  • Correct connecting etiquette
  • Staying always connected
  • Checking analytics often.


An Alternative Option for Finding Tech Jobs

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Summing up we can say that using LinkedIn for recruitment is one of the useful methods for hiring managers to find the needed candidates. It is the world’s largest hiring network with millions of users. And with its numerous benefits, it will help to find the best software engineers. Aside from LinkedIn, HIRECLOUT is also very helpful for employers to hire IT people, as it has access to the best tech talent pool in the industry, openings of thousands of tech jobs, and access to unadvertised positions.