Diverse Workforce: 10 Tips to Building a Diverse Team

Get acquainted with the top tips on how to increase diversity in the workplace for better results and opportunities. Learn the importance of a diverse workforce.


Why Do You Need Diversity in the Workplace?

Importance of diverse workforce

Nowadays tech companies are trying to increase diversity in the workplace. The value of diversity is that the company corporates not with a single section of society but with everyone. If the company wants to present and sell its products in the global market then a diverse workforce is a must.

Tech job sites now are working on creating a diverse team that will ensure higher revenue and will boost employee performance.

Statistics have shown that 78 % of the US workforce is white people and only 13 % is black people. Hispanic or Latinx make up 18% of the workforce, Asian people make up 6% of the workforce as of 2019. In 2019 the national unemployment rate was 3,7 % which is less than the unemployment rate for people who are black (6,1 %), Hispanic, or Latinx (4,3%). 42% of women in the US claim that they have faced workplace gender discrimination, but it is predicted that by 2024 women workers will make up 42,7% of the workforce.

Being one of the best hiring agencies and recruiters in the US HIRECLOUT values the importance of a diverse workforce. The outstanding IT staffing company puts a great emphasis on hiring diverse people including black people, women, Hispanics, Asian people, LGBT, who are underestimated and underrepresented in IT.


What are the 10 Tips to Boost Diversity in the Workplace?

Diverse team

According to McKinsey’s research companies who have a diverse workforce outperform the norms by 35%. Those companies have 19% higher revenue. And 57% of employees know the value of diversity and claim that they should work in a diverse team.

Let’s start discovering tips on how to embrace diversity. 


1. Creating Inclusive Workplace 

Diversity in the workplace and inclusivity are quite different things. Having a diverse team doesn’t actually mean having inclusivity. The importance of a diverse workforce is high but here is the next logical step to follow; creating a culture where all the employees feel included. Inclusivity is the key to possessing diversity in the workplace.


2. Evaluating the Executive Team’s Diversity 

If your top management team is also diverse, then your company will succeed in having a diverse workforce.  The communication between executives and employees will be authentically and transparent which will help to attract diverse talents and engage them in your team.


3. Acknowledging Various Religious and Cultural Practices 

To fulfill this point you should focus on holidays and celebrations. Some companies have flexible holidays to accommodate the religious activities of all employees.


4. Welcoming, Hearing, and Respecting Every Voice in the Company 

Most of the employees quit their jobs when they feel their voices remain unnoticeable. So the companies should pay attention to their employees’ thoughts and points of view regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical condition, etc.


5. Accepting a Multilingual Workforce 

Imagine working in a place where no one speaks your language. It brings lots of inconvenience and misunderstanding to the workers and CEOs. So to reach perfection in creating a diverse team you should try to gain language courses, have translators and interpreters for a beneficial future for your company. In IT it is crucial that the people know at least B2 level English.


6. Personalizing One-On-One Discussions 

One of the most effective ways to learn what employees care about is one-on-one talks with their managers. Managers who appreciate the importance of a diverse workforce should also help every diverse candidate and worker to feel free while communicating with them. If you want to find IT jobs you can openly communicate with your hiring managers in HIRECLOUT. It will be a great chance for senior engineers as the hiring managers are mainly from famous tech companies who want to fill their vacant positions with the best candidates.


7. Eliminating Bias

The real value of diversity is that women also can be engineers, men also can be kindergarten teachers. Managers should learn how to de-bias such bad practices. They should be attentive while writing job descriptions and use words that are gender-neutral. Create a blind system of reviewing resumes, etc.


8. Listening to Diverse Thinking 

To embrace diversity in the workplace means having vastly different perspectives on all kinds of things, such as; what to wear in the workplace, how to write an email, etc. So diverse thinking will be useful in generating new ideas and getting diverse feedback.


9. Eliminating Geographic Biases

People who are trying to find IT jobs highlight the location of their jobs. IT staffing companies should pay high attention to creating remote access for their employees if they appreciate the value of diversity in the workplace.


10. Evaluating the Role of Women in Tech Jobs

Diversity in the workplace leads to innovation. It is accepted that technology is a space for women. But now everything has changed and those who appreciate the role of women in engineering and learn how beneficial it can be are making success. In 2019, 87% of global businesses had at least one woman to fill positions in technology and innovation.



Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned points we should claim that any company’s success is also connected with its diverse workforce.