10 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs In 2021

TOP-10 Tech Jobs Of The Future

2021 is the year of the tech industry as it offers the most in-demand jobs and comparably high salaries in the market. If you are on the quest for a new job or skill to master during this crazy period, then it is the ideal time to have a look at highly in-demand technology jobs. They can ensure a promising start in this industry with competitive benefits packages and further career growth opportunities.

Here is a list of the most in-demand tech jobs for 2021:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Practitioner 
  2. Software Developer 
  3. Data Scientist 
  4. Data Analyst
  5. User Experience Professional 
  6. Cloud Architect 
  7. DevOps Engineer
  8. Mobile App Developer
  9. IT Manager
  10. Tech Sales Engineer

Continue scrolling to discover their average salaries, job descriptions, and required skills to have a better insight about them:

1. Artificial Intelligence Practitioners ($124,000-150,000)

According to the recent report represented by Andrew Seaman, senior news editor at LinkedIn, AI specialists and Machine learning researchers are among the most in-demand careers in 2021. The main reason behind this is that the tech industry changes its direction to automation. Thus, more AI and ML professionals are needed in this fast-growing tech field. 

Skills to Become an AI/ML Engineer:

  • Programming skills: The first and the most crucial skill to become an AI/ML engineer is learning commonly used programming languages like C++, Python, R, Java, etc.
  • Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics: Hence, you will need a good understanding of linear algebra, probability, and statistics to implement various AI models in your projects. 
  • Big Data technologies: As AI/ML professionals usually deal with big data in terabytes or petabytes, the knowledge of big data technologies like Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra will come in handy.
  • Deep learning algorithms and frameworks: Machine learning algorithms and frameworks like KNN, Support Vector Machine, PyTorch, Caffe, Theano will help you build and implement ML and AI models in your projects. 

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2. Software Developers ($90,000-105,590)

In fact, this is among the most in-demand jobs in the market. Software Engineering is one of the versatile technology jobs as it is required in almost all industries. We use the work of Software Engineers every single day. That means the demand for Software Engineers will always be high.

Skills to Become a Software Developer:

  • Coding skills: Computer programming is the core of Software Development. You should be able to build new projects from scratch or improve the existing ones through programming languages and operating systems. Being comfortable in one programming language is great but keep in mind that you will need more than one to stay up-to-date and evolve in this field.
  • Problem-solving skills: The most successful software developers have a mathematical background and solve complex problems through algorithms.
  • Time management skills: In this tech job, your clients will continuously require you to estimate their projects. Time will become one of the most crucial aspects in your personal life and at work. So, start practicing and improving your time management skills if you want to become a successful software developer.

3. Data Scientists ($100,000-140,000)

Nowadays, most organizations rely on data when they face uncertainties. They want to puzzle out quickly, and for that, they need already collected data and individuals who would analyze the data. The number of data science jobs in tech is massive, and there are no signs of slowing down. So, maybe updating your skills or pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Data Science will lead you to a successful career path?!

Skills to Become a Data Scientist:

  • Fundamentals of Data Science: Without understanding the basics of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Learning, you will not be able to analyze the data. So, as a newcomer, focus on understanding the difference between data science and business analytics and learn crucial tools and terminologies. 
  • Data visualization: Your analyzed data needs to be translated into a format that will be easy to comprehend. Accordingly, having a good understanding of data visualization tools like d3.js, Matplottlib, and Tableau is a must for any data scientist. 

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4. Data Analysts ($110,000-120,000)

Nowadays, more and more organizations attach great importance to data and search for employees with strong analytical skills. Having a Data Analyst at the company will ensure the accuracy of data and the best implementation of it. Although analysts worry about being replaced by AI systems, it remains one of the most in-demand jobs for 2021.

Skills to Become a Data Analyst:

  • Database and statistical programming languages: You should have a good knowledge of industry-standard programming languages like SQL, R, or Python. With the help of them, you can perform advanced analysis and predictive analytics on big data sets.
  • Critical Thinking: To succeed as an analyst, one should start thinking like an analyst! Successful Data Analysts uncover and synthesize connections that aren’t always clear with the help of critical thinking.

5. User Experience Professionals ($80,000-103,000)

Are you more into visual aspects of site-building and creative solutions? Then, you should dive deeper into user experience professions like UX Design specialists, UI Designers, or Product Design Consultants. These technology jobs require creative and out-of-the-box thinking.

Skills to Become a User Experience Professional:

  • Design principles: You may have an innate artistic ability but knowing the fundamentals will help you design calculated and unique websites.
  • Typography: Each type used for the design of a website has a meaning to deliver. Even its weight and geometry communicate with the visitors. That is why knowing the best ways to convey messages through typography is a must for any designer.
  • Design tools: Design software programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop CC, Figma, Sketch, and Webflow can help you create your website in a short period. Besides, you will need photo-editing skills that can push your career to a whole new level.

6. Cloud Architects ($140,000-150,000)

Cloud Architects are among the highest-paying tech jobs that will be in demand in the future, too. So, what are the responsibilities of Cloud Architects? They deploy, manage and support cloud applications of the company. 

Skills to Become a Cloud architect:

  • Network engineering and administration: Familiarity with system administration is the basic foundation for cloud architects. Therefore, knowing how to work with software-defined networks and how to operate these network types is a must. Keep in mind that Cloud Computing is a domain that connects servers across the globe through virtual networks. So, you should learn how traditional and virtual networks work.
  • Programming languages: Just like most technology jobs, cloud architecture requires a good knowledge of programming languages, for instance, Java, Python, C#, and Perl.
  • Security: Security is one of the crucial skills in cloud computing. As the regulations tighten, some organizations even hire cloud security architects to ensure end-to-end cloud security. Thus, your security skills will make you stand out in the tech job market.
  • Flexibility: The cloud will continue to evolve. Being flexible to new technologies and picking them up will be essential for this profession. There are so many opportunities in the cloud, so you will need to improve your skills constantly. 

7. DevOps Engineers ($110,000-155,000)

DevOps Engineers work with the production of the software that encourages faster code deployment with fewer failures. In fact, the core of this tech job is to reveal the inefficiencies of software and make it run effectively. DevOps Engineers do this through monitoring, troubleshooting, editing, and configuring the software if they see the need.

Skills to Become a DevOps Engineer:

  • Understanding the major DevOps tools: There are so many free and paid DevOps tools available in the tech market. Of course, you can not master all of them, but knowing the DevOps tools like Jenkins, Vagrant, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Git will be a huge plus for your future career.
  • Coding and scripting skills: You should not be a coding guru, but it is recommended to have some coding and scripting skills if you want to be competitive in the market. As a beginner, you should start learning some of the major ones, like Python, Go, and Javascript.
  • Consumer-centric approach: The final goal of DevOps engineers should be delivering value to their end-users. Accordingly, they should ensure that the activities of the main stakeholders (developers, testers, project managers, etc.) are synchronized around a common goal.

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8. Mobile Application Developers ($73,000-107,000)

That is one of the most in-demand tech jobs that is based on creative thinking and problem-solving. Ever considered creating a new application that could be state-of-the-art and user-friendly? Then, this IT job is tailored to you! Organizations usually search for mobile developers who are well-versed in all the levels of development. To become a successful developer, you should create an app through modern programming tools and technologies.

Skills to Become a Mobile Application Developer:

  • Programming languages: There are modern programming languages that mobile app developers need to know. The most common ones are, for instance, Java and C#. Besides that, you should have a working knowledge of mobile app operating systems like Android, iOs, and Windows for this career.
  • Information security: Most mobile apps have the option of filling in personal information. So, you should be aware of the main principles of data security to create apps that people consider safe for use.  
  • Vital sense of the UX/UI: It is not a secret that app users judge the app from the very first impression they have. Accordingly, the app you create should be highly engaging and responsive. Will you aim to develop an app that stands out? Then, you need to have the knowledge of design and the preferences each app operating system users have in their minds.

9. IT Managers ($130,000-145,000)

Another in-demand IT job that focuses on planning and coordinating everything that the information technology department does. They are responsible for the company’s performance in electronic networks. If you are extroverted, energetic, adventurous, and like to be dominant, then this tech job is for you!

Skills to become an IT Manager:

  • Strategic thinking: IT managers play a great role in a company’s strategic planning. They aid in the identification of their future technology needs and the improvement of current systems. IT managers also emphasize the role that technology has in the achievement of the business goals of the company. 
  • Communication: Besides your technical skills, strong communication skills will help you motivate your team and establish good relationships not only with the team members but also with the leaders of other organizations for a variety of reasons. 
  • Project management skills: Having strong project management skills will help you handle budgets and manage your time when dealing with various people. For instance, you might be engaged in negotiating new vendors, upgrading software, and installing a new computer system. You will be able to complete all these tasks on time if you improve your management skills.

10. Tech Sales Engineers ($90,000-110,000)

You don’t like coding but still want to be in the IT industry? Then tech sales engineering would be the best start for you. The demand for qualified sales engineers is high in 2021. So, if you are familiar with sales or marketing strategies, do not hesitate to apply. This profession can be highly rewarding for you.

Skills to become a Tech Sales Engineer:

  • Sales skills: Technical Sales Engineers sell technical products in various sectors. The hands-on knowledge of sales strategies will help you persuade more people to buy the company’s products. Accordingly, your pitch should include buyer-responsive manners, buyer engagement, trust, and persuasion. 
  • Communication skills: How are you going to persuade your potential buyers to buy your products? Of course, with effective communication! You should make sure you are speaking the same “language” as your buyer. Besides, you need to listen to them and give succinct and clear answers to their questions.

Have you found your fit in the tech industry? Whatever you choose to specialize in, remember that IT is one of the most fast-evolving industries. It offers the opportunities to become a successful and demanded employee in today’s job market.


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