10 Company Benefits to Attract Senior IT Specialists

Discover what are the main company benefits to attract senior IT specialists. Occupy someone who will not only achieve results and comply with company policies, but also stay in the company for a long time.


How to Succeed in Retaining Software Developers?

Corporate benefits for IT specialists

In software development, technical hiring is one of the most crucial points for the company. The question is how to attract them to succeed in the retaining process. The company can offer a high salary and benefits package in the job posting. Also knowing that the company encourages and respects their creative efforts software developers will stay at the company because as compared with other employers the software developer’s main work is to make something from nothing. Another trick to captivating them can be prizes including various employee programs, courses, technology events, etc. 

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Using Company Benefits Because Others Do?

Google and other famous tech companies have been utilizing perks since the 1990s. They offer perks to differentiate the current office experience from the past one. Types of employee benefits may vary from company to company. Free yoga classes, nap rooms, and snack bars are the norm for many tech companies. So if your company doesn’t offer any perks to its candidates then what are the company benefits of working for it. Not including a benefits package in their job posting the companies will easily stay out of the competition in the tech industry.    


What are the Top 10 Useful Perks to Attract Tech Talent?

Office leisure activity

To feel the benefits at work employees should be in an atmosphere where talents are appreciated, career growth is highlighted, and acting uniquely is welcomed.  

Have a look at 10 types of employee benefits they expect from the company.


1. Workforce Flexibility

If the company wants to remain competitive and attract its IT specialists then it should make the schedules flexible. If the senior IT specialists can’t work with a flexible schedule they will probably choose another employer. And also the company should make flexible schedules as the productivity of senior IT specialists can ebb and flow during the day. In that way, the productivity level of employees and thus the succession for the company will increase.    


2. Remote Work

According to Stack Overflow, 53% of software developers value working remotely. Working from home offers a quiet place for thinking and creating. The company sometimes doesn’t let senior IT specialists work from home because of a lack of trust. But on the other hand, if they offer remote work they demonstrate trust and appreciate work-life balance. Such corporate benefits are vital for senior IT specialists. 


3. Free Dress Code

For senior IT specialists, the free dress code is one of the preferable company benefits. Software engineers love to wear casual dresses and will definitely choose companies allowing them to have a free dress code.


4. Self-care Perks

Wellness is one of the interests of all generations and is proven to bring benefits at work helping with wellbeing and productivity. The best company benefits that senior IT specialists will appreciate are relieving activities like yoga classes, on-site gyms, nutritious food, and seminars focusing on wellbeing. Such a healthy benefits package will seize senior IT specialists’ attention to your company.


5. Half-paid Vacations

Some companies try to show their corporate benefits through vacations. For senior IT specialists, it is very essential to rest and come back to work with a raised level of calmness and productivity. Thus companies with the best benefits offer various half-paid vacations. They also suggest paying the most part of expenses for their employer’s trips. Moz, an SEO Software company, gives up to $3000 for family vacations.


6. Transportation License

One of the most useful corporate benefits is thinking about the employees’ transportation. If the company repays the transportation bills for employees so the company values them and thinks about creating more benefits at work.


7. Everyday Missions

Corporate benefits also include performing daily errands such as car washing or laundry washing. They will make employees’ lives easier as they won’t think about such chores and will concentrate all their minds on software engineering. So companies with benefits will probably offer such services to show they care about their employees.  


8. Career Advancement

Though it is somehow a personal point, many senior IT specialists want a company that will give them a promotion in their career. Offering various employee programs will attract such employees and will bring corporate benefits both for the company and employees.


9. Technology Options

Companies with benefits should discuss the choice of technology with their employees. This will bring only advantages as the employees can freely offer technologies that will work great for the company. Also, companies will offer such technologies that engineers will be eager to use or learn.    


10. Student Repayment

Another useful trick to attract software engineers is student repayment. It is the major perk for those who are not able to work for a tech startup and meanwhile pay loans. 



Summing up we can say that types of employee benefits vary from company to company. But to succeed in the retaining process of senior IT specialists or other software engineers the company should include various perks, attractive employee programs, and other interactive services. Only utilizing such extra perks and offers will make you one of the successful companies with the best benefits. HIRECLOUT’s experienced hiring managers use these company benefits to obtain the best senior IT specialists for their vacant positions.