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How to Professionally Turn Down a Job Offer

has taken its toll on many job seekers. Whether you were looking for a new career or you have had to start searching for a job because you have unfortunately been laid off because of so many businesses struggling at..

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How to Format a List of Professional References

It is essential to ensure when you are applying for jobs that you have a ready to give to your prospective employers. If you don't, it will mean that you have to rush to create a list last minute, which..

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What are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs?

With technology advancing at what seems like an exponential pace, it doesn’t come as a surprise that tech jobs are among the most lucrative at the moment. In fact, the predicts that computer and IT-related occupations will grow by 12%..

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The 10 Best Employee Retention Strategies

According to the results of a 2019 survey, of employees in the U.S. do not plan on staying at their current jobs for more than five years. In fact, U.S. businesses lose approximately $1 trillion each year as a result..

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How to Crush Your Second Interview (With Example Questions)

The average corporate job opening attracts approximately 250 resumes. Of those 250 resume senders, only about get called in for an interview, and even fewer people get called back for a second interview. At , we make sure you only..

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