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Our story

Avetis and Jeff started HIRECLOUT with a focus on providing outstanding service to the Los Angeles market. With the right combination of established industry relationships and bringing together some of the most successful recruiting executives in the industry, we then expanded into San Francisco and Seattle.  With our passion for elevating careers and companies combined with our entrepreneurial spirit and bold moves, we are now moving into the Austin, New York and supporting the State and Federal Government.

Through COVID-19 we’ve had to adjust like everyone else. We’ve been fortunate that we haven’t laid off any of our recruiters during this time. In fact, we’ve been able to grow, hiring great people as well as expanding into new markets.

Our mission is to elevate companies, careers, and build relationships that last



We have fun making an impact everyday. If you’re a star recruiter or business development professional looking to take your career to the next level come join our award-winning team